Willy’s Wonder Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds


Venerable indica-dominant hybrid, Willy’s Wonder, is a creeper of a strain with potently relaxing effects that can easily overpower novice users.

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Willy’s Wonder Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds Viewed 489 times today. Purchased 56 times today. Purchased 553 times this week. For a hard-to-find strain in seed form that “just happened” to appear on the scene in the1970s when Willie Nelson was gaining popularity, Willy’s Wonder cannabis seeds are now readily available from Growers Choice Seeds. This venerable indica-dominant hybrid comes from unknown origins, but it is commonly believed that Willy’s Wonder, aka “William’s Wonder,” is descended from an Afghani indica landrace strain.   What are the effects of Willy’s Wonder cannabis? Relaxed Energetic Creative With Willy’s Wonder cannabis seeds you’ll be able to grow plants that contain 65% indica, 25% sativa, 10% ruderalis, and a moderate but mighty 21% THC content. Willy’s Wonder cannabis is known for being a creeper of a strain that can easily overpower novice cannabis users with its potently relaxing effects. However, as is common for hybrids, Willy’s Wonder first starts off with some upbeat sativa-influenced effects that are known for leaving users feeling happy and alert with a sharpened sense of focus. While all of this is happening, the indica side of Willy’s Wonder begins to make its presence more and more known as it frees and soothes the body of pent-up tensions. If it is used in moderation, then the deeply relaxing effects of Willy’s Wonder should be pretty manageable without leaving you completely couch locked or wiped out, as many describe its effects as being akin to valium or being transported into a very serene and meditative state of mind where sleep comes near the end of its high like being held in a warm gentle embrace. If you do exceed your tolerance level, which can be very easy to do with this hybrid, then its physically placating ways may leave you somewhat dizzy and knocked out on the couch and waking up the next day with some brain fog. As such, Willy’s Wonder is not usually recommended for those new to cannabis or those with extremely low tolerance levels. Even if you have a pretty high tolerance level, it’s still best to start off conservatively and see how Willy’s Wonder affects you before smoking more.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Willy’s Wonder cannabis? Despite containing little to no CBD, Willy’s Wonder still has much to offer medical cannabis users in terms of relief from various mental and physical health disorders. As an immediately-uplifting and placid hybrid, Willy’s Wonder has the potential to provide patients with some much-needed temporary respite from stress, anxiety, and depression. As a powerful analgesic, Willy’s Wonder is reported to provide pain relief for mild chronic pain. Plus, its highly-sedative properties make this indica a favorite amongst insomniacs as a chemical-free way to get some sleep.   What does Willy’s Wonder taste like? Willy’s Wonder has quite an enjoyable and appealing aroma and flavor to it. Its smell is usually described as being a pleasant mix of sweet earth with notes of zesty citrus and pine. For those who enjoy the delightful fragrance profile of Willy’s Wonder, then you should be more than pleased with its similar-tasting flavor that also offers a very unmistakable fruity aftertaste to boot.   How do I grow Willy’s Wonder cannabis seeds? Willy’s Wonder is rated an easy strain to grow. In addition, the fact that all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized means that there’s only a 10% or so chance of ending up with male plants. While Willy’s Wonder was originally bred to be grown indoors, you could grow it outside if you really wanted to. However, if you want to grow it outside, you should still start off by cultivating it inside and then moving it to your outdoor growing area once it has entered its flowering stage.   What do Willy’s Wonder cannabis plants look like? Not only does Willy’s Wonder have quite a unique scent and taste to it, its coloration is another aspect that puts it in a class all its own. Willy’s Wonder plants, which usually grow to just 3 to 3.5 feet in height, produce buds that are a vibrant kaleidoscope of colors that include various hues of yellow, red, and green making for quite the eye-catching strain.   When to harvest your Willy’s Wonder cannabis plant While some say that Willy’s Wonder can produce astronomically high yields, the majority give much more conservative numbers. Indoors it should produce about 350 grams per square meter in around 9-10 weeks, and when cultivated outdoors, Willy’s Wonder is usually harvest-ready in early to mid-October with an approximate yield of 350 grams per plant.   Similar cannabis strains to Willy’s Wonder Mazar another potently relaxing indica-dominant hybrid that is descended in part from another type of Afghani indica  Pez this near-pure indica is also believed to have an Afghani indica in its parentage Platinum Kush an utterly relaxing and sedating near-pure indica  Sweet Tooth an award-winning, long-lasting, euphorically uplifting and soothing indica-leaning hybrid also beloved by insomniacs Zen a meditative 50/50 hybrid with 9% CBD and 10% THC 


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