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Zen is meditative in its effects as it empties the mind and provides for clearer thinking and heightened focus.

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Wholesale Zen Feminized Seeds Viewed 442 times today. Purchased 72 times today. Purchased 377 times this week. Gardeners and cultivators alike often say that one of the benefits of growing is how therapeutic and meditative an act the art and process of cultivation can be. With Zen cannabis seeds you’ll be able to double these pleasures as they will grow into plants whose medicinal and recreational effects are therapeutically zen-like in how they clear the mind and body of tensions. Zen, the descendant of the strains Mexican Sativa, Afghani indica, and Lavender, is an evenly-balanced hybrid with an almost 1:1 THC to CBD ratio that makes for gentle pain relief and a relaxing recreational high.   What are the effects of Zen cannabis? [Bullet list of effects (make sure they match characteristics), then minimum 70 words] Relaxed Uplifted Happy Focus Mellow Zen’s high 9% CBD content and low 10% THC level are often why recreational users skip past this strain, and that is most unfortunate as Zen cannabis is known as a “thinker strain.” It will open your mind and relax your body while also giving you an uplifting sense of happiness. In sense, possessing Zen cannabis seeds is like holding the keys to mental and physical calm and introspection in the palm of your hands. This perfectly-balanced hybrid strikes that beautiful balance between being both re-energized and relaxed, without hampering your ability to stay productive making for great day or night time usage. What makes Zen meditative in its effects is how it empties the mind and provides for clearer thinking and heightened focus and is quite mellow in nature. Users consistently report back how Zen’s buoyant effect lasts for a good few hours without any of the heavy sedation or lethargy. It soothes the body and mind, giving you some respite from life’s chaos and stress.  What are the therapeutic benefits of Zen cannabis? Those who associate Zen with medical strains are not incorrect in doing so. Yes, it has a lot more recreational benefits than some realize, but its medical efficacy is one of its major selling points for good reason.   Due to its high CBD content, Zen has the potential to help patients who suffer from seizures, tremors, loss of appetite due to eating disorders or chemical treatments for an illness, nausea, and Chron’s disease find some temporary relief. Furthermore, its uplifting and relaxing effects have been known to benefit those who need a break from stress and depression-related symptoms.    What does Zen taste like? While taste and smell are quite subjective, there is general agreement that Zen is both mild and enjoyable to the mouth and nose. Its flavors are as pleasing as its fragrance with a taste of sour berries, earthiness, citrus, diesel, and some spice all combined with  some of the sweetness that it inherited from its Afghani ancestor.    How do I grow Zen cannabis seeds? While it can be a bit tricky to grow and definitely requires a fair amount of attention, Zen is neither the hardest or easiest strain to cultivate. So, though it is not highly recommended for completely novice growers, having some experience will definitely work in your favor. Zen can be grown indoors and out, but it does tend to do better outside. Outdoors, it’s best to grow it in ground soil in a setting where temperatures average in the mild to warm range. However, you can also grow it inside, where it is still advisable to use soil instead of hydroponics for growing it. As always, any cannabis seeds you get from Growers Choice are feminized, thereby saving you from having to sort out the male ones.   What do Zen cannabis plants look like? Zen plants grow to be medium in height, and are not known for providing copious crops of buds. That said, the buds Zen does produce are quite captivating with their almost fluorescent lime-green looks. Zen’s chunky nuggets are reminiscent of popcorn in shape, and are yellowish-green with a scant amount of dark amberish-brown pistils all bedazzled with yellow and green crystal trichomes.   When to harvest your Zen cannabis plant Zen’s smaller harvests are another reason why this plant isn’t the most highly recommended for novice growers as the amount of work required to obtain a relatively lower yield might discourage a new cultivator. However, the size of the yield isn’t always what makes the work so worthwhile. Instead, with Zen, this is about quality over quantity, and when it comes to a quality medical strain, this one does not disappoint. Grown indoors, Zen should be harvest-ready in about 10 weeks and will yield a harvest of somewhere between 226-350 grams per square meter. When cultivated outdoors in an area with plenty of sun and enough shade, Zen should yield around 350 grams per plant near late October.   Similar cannabis strains to Zen  Asian Fantasy although having a much higher THC content than Zen, this one is also a perfect blend of relaxing but not sedating, and is equally uplifting and meditative  CBD Shark with 8% CBD and just 6% THC, if you’re growing your own holistic medicine garden, this is also an excellent selection Critical Mass has a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio of 7% each CBD Moby Dick 5% CBD that leaves users happy and relaxed Diesel while much higher in THC, Diesel is also known to provide whole-body relaxation and help with loss of appetite 


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