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The hard-to-find Yumbolt (aka “Yumboldt”) has relaxing effects that sneak up on you and gradually increase in intensity over time.

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Wholesale Yumbolt Feminized Seeds Viewed 367 times today. Purchased 93 times today. Purchased 555 times this week.   Also spelled “Yumboldt,” this hard-to-find pure indica strain originated in Humboldt County, California in the 1970s—most likely by way of Afghani and Himalayan landrace strains.   Effects of Yumbolt cannabis While it is a heavy-hitting indica with a THC content of up to 24%, Yumbolt’s effects sneak up on you and gradually increase in intensity over time. As a pure indica, you can anticipate experiencing a full-on body high that is about 100% relaxation. As such, Yumbolt isn’t a strain to indulge in when you’re wanting to focus or accomplish a long list of to-dos, but instead is more ideal for when you want to just kick back and do a whole lot of nothing without feeling completely paralyzed. Most users describe experiencing a warm buzz that subtly shifts their mood into either a sense of pleasure or happiness until gently drifting off to sleep.   Medical benefits of Yumbolt Medically, Yumbolt cannabis has the potential to serve patients suffering from chronic pain, nerve pain or damage, nausea, inflammation, and, of course, insomnia.   Yumbolt cannabis characteristics With small, dank, dense, conical-shaped, bright green buds covered in rust-colored hairs and a thin dusting of trichomes, Yumbolt has a unique sweet and spicy pungent pine and floral aroma and a sweet and spicy pine taste that will immediately clarify how it got “Yum” in its name.   Growing Yumbolt cannabis Some experience and a warm climate are definitely required for growing Yumbolt, and its height will greatly vary depending on if it is grown indoors or outdoors. Using hydroponics is recommended for growing Yumbolt indoors, at which point it will reach 2-2.5 feet, yielding about 14 oz per square meter in 9-10 weeks. Think Southern California climate when cultivating Yumbolt outside and it’ll achieve 5 feet in height, yielding 16 oz per plant around the end of October. 


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