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Of mysterious origins with an otherworldly aroma, XJ-13 marijuana boasts an impressive content of THC, high yield, and the kind of euphoria-driven effects that will instantly win you over.

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Wholesale XJ-13 Feminized Seeds Viewed 380 times today. Purchased 86 times today. Purchased 416 times this week. At 22% THC, XJ-13 marijuana is a balanced hybrid that will infuse your morning with joy and focus, the perfect combination for a successful day.  Driven by positivity, the clear-headed high of XJ-13 marijuana promotes a full-bodied sense of calm and euphoria. The strain is well-known for inspiring confidence and creativity, vastly improving your ability to maneuver in social situations. Combined with 1% CBD, XJ-13 is also a popular medical strain, easily treating stress, anxiety, and other mental health disorders without bogging down the mind.  The popularity of XJ-13 marijuana is rounded out by the strain’s achingly delicious aroma/flavor profile. The scent of wild citrus fruit and pine gets the mouth watering in anticipation of this sticky bud. To truly maximize the potential of XJ-13 marijuana seeds and their potent presence, provide a warm, dry environment and regular trimming to ensure air circulation and light distribution. Within an average of 8 to 9 weeks spent flowering, XJ-13 will yield between 18 and 21 ounces of fragrant, versatile bud.


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