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Willy’s Wonder starts slowly and then bear hugs you until your body gives way and you fall asleep in its squeeze.

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Wholesale Willy’s Wonder Feminized Seeds Viewed 463 times today. Purchased 80 times today. Purchased 472 times this week.   Like the singer who rose to fame right around the time that Willy’s Wonder, aka “William’s Wonder,” hit the scene in the 70s and who may or may not have inspired its name, this indica-dominant hybrid is both a powerhouse and iconic. With a THC high of 21.20%, Willy’s Wonder’s exact lineage strains are unknown, though most likely has Afghanistan indicas in its genes.   Effects of Willy’s Wonder cannabis If you find its sweet, earthy fragrance that is accented with citrus and pine pleasing, you will appreciate its similar though somewhat fruitier flavor.  The effects of Willy’s Wonder come on slowly at first and then grab hold like a bear hug until your body gives way to its embrace and you wake the next morning maybe feeling a little foggy and groggy. Initially, your mood will be lifted and feelings of elation will wash over you as its indica side works its soothing magic and calms you and your body to the point that you find moving from the couch a difficult feat. As such, because Willy’s Wonder cannabis tends to induce the munchies, you might want to have a stash of snacks at hand for when getting up to go to the kitchen becomes too difficult a task. If Willy’s Wonder isn’t on your usual playlist, it’s best to start small and slowly increase to your usual intake.    Medical benefits of Willy’s Wonder  The strong mental and physical relaxation provided by Willy’s Wonder cannabis also makes it beneficial for medical users seeking relief from anxiety, stress, PTSD, depression, and maybe even pain relief for milder issues. It pretty much goes without saying that Willy’s Wonder is a hit with insomniacs as well, and it can potentially help those struggling with loss of appetite and anorexia.    Growing Willy’s Wonder cannabis Willy’s Wonder was bred for growing indoors and does require some cultivation experience. In about 65-75 days you can expect a yield of 12 to 16 oz per square meter, though some claim to harvest 52-56 oz!


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