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If this were late 1600s Salem, Warlock would be declared witchcraft for its ability to sedate, uplift, bliss out, and focus.

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Wholesale Warlock Feminized Seeds Viewed 428 times today. Purchased 95 times today. Purchased 546 times this week. Now is your chance to cultivate an award-winning strain with Warlock cannabis seeds. This indica-dominant hybrid, which is the resultant cross of iconic parent strains Skunk #1 and Afghani, was conjured into the world in the early 1990s by Magus Genetics and captured 3rd place in the 1997 High Times Cannabis Cup’s Bio category. Ever since Warlock’s inception, it has and continues to cast its incantation and captivate, or rather, fully relax users everywhere.    What are the effects of Warlock cannabis? Relaxed Uplifted Happy Euphoria Warlock cannabis seeds will blossom into plants with a 20% THC content that possesses the power to deliver users into the enchanted land of euphoria and relaxation. Warlock’s wizardry is in its way of casting a spell of a full-on numbing body buzz with a blissful cerebral state without leaving users feeling hazy and unable to focus. In fact, its mental high results in clarity and sharpened attentiveness, while its indica-heavy side hits the body with a sense of restful sedation from the inside out without leaving you unable to get up from the couch. If this were the late 1600s in Salem, Warlock cannabis would be declared some form of witchcraft for its ability to sedate, uplift, bliss out, and hone concentration in what is as close to a perfect balance as is possible.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Warlock cannabis? Warlock is medical sorcery, as even though those with a low THC tolerance or who choose to exceed a reasonable dosage sometimes end up with a headache, this strain is still known to be effective at providing relief for various mental and physical health issues. Its strong sedative qualities make it useful for alleviating chronic pain, nausea, and muscle spasms, and its euphoric clarity has been known to help those who struggle with chronic stress, ADHD, depression, and anxiety.   What does Warlock taste like? While Warlock is rightly an award-winning strain when it comes to its effects, it’s probably not going to win any accolades for its earthy sour cheese odor. Fortunately, what Warlock lacks in fragrance it makes up for in its sweet and fruity flavor that can be described as “pleasurable.”   How do I grow Warlock cannabis seeds? Interestingly enough, despite being such an indica-dominant strain, Warlock plants grow very tall, and also happen to be quite odiferous. As such, while Warlock will thrive both in and outside, there are some things to keep in mind. When cultivating Warlock inside, you’ll need to regularly trim and prune it in order to encourage outward versus upward growth.  Grown outdoors, you’ll want to cultivate it in a warm and sunny climate and be aware of how its height and smell can easily alert passersby that you’re cultivating some quality plants. While this strain does require some regular maintenance, novice cultivators generally find success in growing Warlock. Plus, regardless of your experience level, one of the things that always makes cultivating Growers Choice cannabis seeds a delight is that all our seeds are feminized.    What do Warlock cannabis plants look like? Not only do Warlock cannabis plants grow to be quite tall, they give life to elongated dense nuggets that are forest green in color with neon green accents and a patchwork of thick, fuzzy orangish-brown pistils. Its nuggets are covered in a fine dusting of luminous trichomes and give the appearance of dripping sticky resin.   When to harvest your Warlock cannabis plant As most any cultivator will tell you, one of the most rewarding aspects of all the hard work put into growing cannabis plants is when harvest time comes around. If you cultivate Warlock indoors, it should be harvest-ready in about 8 weeks, with a yield of around 500 grams per square meter. Note that to get the maximum indoor yield you’ll want to use 600 watts of light. If you live in a place where cultivating cannabis is legal, then outdoors you’ll want to provide Warlock with as much open space to grow as possible to ensure you reap the maximum harvest, which should be at least 500 grams per plant sometime around the second week of October.   Similar cannabis strains to Warlock Blue Mango another indica-dominant strain that is also known for being deeply relaxing  White Widow an indica-dominant that’s easy on the body and mind God’s Gift a heavily-indica dominant that’s deeply relaxing, and is ideal for delivering peacefulness and calm Bubba Kush heavy on the indica and full-body calm (but usually not couch lock) that lets you relax into stress relief Burmese Kush blends the euphoria of sativa with the deep relaxation of indica


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