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Venom OG’s the epitome of a Kush strain. This perfectly-balanced hybrid is the ideal way to access mental and physical relaxation.

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Wholesale Venom OG Feminized Seeds Viewed 458 times today. Purchased 59 times today. Purchased 610 times this week. Once your Venom OG cannabis seeds have fully matured and you’ve been able to harvest and try this 50/50 hybrid for yourself, you’ll understand why this is such a popular medical and recreational strain. Venom OG, aka “Venom OG Kush,” is the epitome of a Kush strain. It was brought into being by Poison OG and Rare Dankness #1 being crossed with one another. This perfectly-balanced hybrid is the ideal way to access mental and physical relaxation.   What are the effects of Venom OG cannabis? Relaxed Euphoric Happy Focused With Venom OG cannabis seeds you’ll be able to grow delightfully sour and pungent plants with a powerful 23% THC content.  Venom OG cannabis is an evenly-balanced hybrid that imparts happiness and euphoria that lasts throughout its high. When using this strain you’re likely to experience a complete and total destressing of both your mind and body as worries and tensions seem to magically disappear into thin air and be replaced with physical calm and positive and clear-headed thinking that improves your ability to focus. While Venom OG is a potent hybrid, its physical relaxation is not overwhelming to the point of inducing automatic couch lock or a heavy body stone, unless, of course, you choose to exceed your usual tolerance level. Perhaps the best way to describe its relaxing effects is to imagine lying in a hammock on a beautiful afternoon or evening where you just feel pleased and content to rest and are enjoying life in the moment. What are the therapeutic benefits of Venom OG cannabis? As a well-balanced mentally and physically soothing strain, Venom OG has a solid reputation for helping medical users gain temporary relief from stress, worries, depression, and general malaise. In regards to physical health, Venom OG has the potential to provide patients with respite from chronic pain, migraines, muscle spasms and cramps, joint pain, arthritis, and chronic fatigue. Interestingly enough, it may also help those suffering from insomnia get the sleep they need thanks to how it clears and loosens the mind and body.   What does Venom OG taste like? With a name like Venom OG, one might expect it to taste unpleasant and like something, well, venomous. In reality, it’s quite an enjoyable strain that offers users a nice blend of flavors. Its pronounced and distinct sweetly-tart lemon and diesel overtones are blended with the right amount of skunk, earthiness, and pine notes to create a very tasty hybrid. Many users who combust Venom OG report that its smoke can be pretty harsh, with some experiencing a bit of a coughing fit. How do I grow Venom OG cannabis seeds? While Venom OG is not a good option for first-time growers to try their hand at, those who are in the medium-experience range and above shouldn’t have any problems cultivating it. Furthermore, do remember that all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized, thereby making things that much easier for cultivators. Venom OG does well both in and outdoors and is resistant to a good majority of common mildews and molds. If you grow it outside, Venom OG will require a semi-humid, warm, and sunny climate where daytime temperatures stay steady between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Regardless of where you grow your Venom OG, you’ll want to top it so that light and air are able to stream and flow down to the low-growing flowering nodes of the plant.   What do Venom OG cannabis plants look like? Short to medium in height, Venom OG is a bushy grower with broad upper fan leaves. Its small to medium-sized buds show their indica side as they are very tightly packed. Venom OG’s elongated, elliptical nuggets are a vibrant spring green with bright orange pistils that are woven throughout. Their crystalline trichomes, which completely enshroud the inner and outer surfaces of the buds, are why you’ll want a good grinder available for breaking them up.    When to harvest your Venom OG cannabis plant Venom OG isn’t a very large yielder, but that doesn’t seem to serve as a detractor for cultivators wanting to grow it thanks to its incredibly well-balanced effects.  If you can grow Venom OG inside, then you will be able to increase your number of harvests in a year due to its short flowering time that should complete itself in about 7-8 weeks,where it will provide you with a decent-sized yield of 400 grams per square meter. When grown outdoors, it will provide a smaller harvest of 250 grams per plant near the early part of October. However, if you have the space to do so, then planting more Venom OG crops will more than make up for the size of its yield. Cannabis strains similar to Venom OG Rare Darkness a powerfully-sedating, indica-heavy strain that’s related to Venom OG as they both share Rare Dankness #1 as a parent Scott’s OG another dynamic relative of Venom OG that also has Rare Dankness #1 as a parent strain Sour Kush packed with holistic goodness, this indica-dominant strain is also a classic Kush strain Romulan Kush a 100% pure indica for Kush fans Tahoe OG Kush like Venom OG, this is a 50/50 hybrid Kush


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