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Trinity is a highly-sought after, mysterious blues-buster that can trigger your creative juices as its blissful euphoria soothes mind and body.

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Wholesale Trinity Feminized Seeds Viewed 448 times today. Purchased 67 times today. Purchased 550 times this week. Be the envy of breeders and recreational and medical cannabis users everywhere when you get the long-elusive, hard-to-come-by Trinity cannabis seeds, whose plants are as coveted as its seeds. This mysterious sativa-dominant hybrid has unknown origins with some in the cannabis community saying it’s the resultant cross of several sativa strains from Northern California and others saying it comes from someone named Jeremy P., who brought Trinity from Kansas to Oregon by way of Montana. Regardless of who or where Trinity comes from, this is a high-quality strain that’s highly desired by users everywhere thanks to its incredible effects.   What are the effects of Trinity cannabis? Sleepy Euphoric Creative Uplifting Highly-coveted Trinity cannabis seeds develop into plants with a cerebrally euphoric 75% sativa content and 20% THC level. Once you try Trinity for yourself, chances are you will understand why this is such a sought-after strain.  Trinity cannabis has a solid reputation for delivering the kind of rousing mental stimulation that can dramatically elevate your mood while simultaneously inspiring inventive thinking of all kinds. Think of this strain as a true blues-buster that can trigger your creative juices as its blissful euphoria soothes both mind and body. Once Trinity’s indica effects take full hold, they bring on total relaxation to the point of sleepiness. Note that if you choose to use this strain in larger quantities, it can result in couch lock.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Trinity cannabis? In regards to Trinity’s efficacy for medical users, while it’s not ideal for those seeking high CBD content to treat various mental and physical health issues, it does have the potential to offer patients several therapeutic benefits.  Trinity has been known to help those suffering from depression, anxiety, and stress, along with PTSD. Though at the same time, those prone to paranoia may find that it can increase this symptom, which as a result can increase anxiety levels.  For those seeking temporary respite from physical issues, Trinity may work to alleviate chronic pain, migraines, arthritis, and the diminishing symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders. Its indica content has also been known to help combat insomnia.   What does Trinity taste like? Notorious for its pungent, skunky smell, Trinity’s flavors are actually in the “pleasant” and “enjoyable” categories. Many users report that its taste reminds them of wood and pine with delightful notes of both citrus and lemon. Other users, with slightly more discerning taste buds, note that when combusted, Trinity also has a taste of sweet berries and an aftertaste that’s reminiscent of pine.   How do I grow Trinity cannabis seeds? Unsurprisingly, Trinity’s mysterious origins, coupled with the fact that up until recently, even obtaining the strain had been incredibly difficult, all mean that providing a lot of detailed growing information about it is difficult. However, what is for certain is that all cannabis seeds from Growers Choice are feminized. Also, it has been said that Trinity will thrive in small growing spaces, which means that it most likely will do well in a grow tent, grow box, or even a space as small as your closet.   What do Trinity cannabis plants look like? While Trinity has not been the most easy to find, what is known is that this strain matures into a short and stocky plant that thrives in small areas. Its coloration is quite intriguing, with shades of green, orange, purple, and white—all of which give Trinity a sort of alien look.    When to harvest your Trinity cannabis plant While information about how to grow Trinity is as detailed as it is with many strains, there are still some solid general facts that are known about its harvest quantity and timeframe. In short, it’s a generous yielder with a pretty rapid grow time. Cultivating this enigmatic strain indoors tends to result in a most-pleasing yield of 550 grams per square meter in about 40-50 days, or just under 6-7 weeks. If you opt to grow Trinity outside, it should be harvest-ready in the autumn, which is the typical time frame for cannabis plants, and usually provides an incredible harvest of up to 700 grams per plant.   Cannabis strains similar to Trinity Trainwreck similarly to Trinity, this sativa-dominant hybrid provides bountiful yields of 500 grams indoors and 700 outdoors Great White Shark an even more bountiful yielder than Trinity, with 700 grams inside and 1,000 grams outside Asian Fantasy another elusive strain that’s a 100% pure sativa delight White Rhino a 100% pure indica that, like Trinity, comes in with a THC content of 20% Wedding Cake this potent, indica-leaning hybrid is also reputed for helping provide relief for those who suffer from PTSD


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