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Triangle Kush is an upbeat, mood-boosting indica-dominant hybrid, whose potent psychoactive effects are known for providing deep relaxation.

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Wholesale Triangle Kush Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds Viewed 300 times today. Purchased 77 times today. Purchased 667 times this week.     Long promoted as a clone-only strain, now you can get Triangle Kush cannabis seeds delivered directly from Growers Choice Seeds! Triangle Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid, whose potent psychoactive effects are known for providing deep relaxation. It’s named for the “Emerald Triangle” of Jacksonville, Miami, and Tampa that it originates from. While its exact parentage isn’t 100% known, it’s generally agreed that it is a descendant of the Florida version of OG Kush, which is linked to Hindu Kush, Chemdawg, and Lemon Thai.   What are the effects of Triangle Kush cannabis? Happy Uplifted Euphoric Relaxed Provided you have the skills, Triangle Kush cannabis seeds will mature into plants with 70% indica, 20% sativa, 10% ruderalis, and a THC content of 21%, which can be too much for novices as it’s been known to even bowl seasoned users over from time to time. Used in moderation, Triangle Kush cannabis can be a nice combination of uplifting happiness and profound relaxation. Its said that it starts off with a lovely euphoric cerebral high that while very strong isn’t too intense and instead induces a sense of upbeat positivity, good cheer, and a sense of chatty social energy. In fact, it’s common for users to experience clear-headed lucidity and an uptick in creativity before its complementary soothing physical effects take hold. The majority of users report back that as Triangle Kush’s indica side makes itself more and more known, couch lock, while not inevitable, often tends to happen, followed by a feeling of blissful drowsiness and sleep,   What are the therapeutic benefits of Triangle Kush cannabis? When its comes to Triangle Kush’s therapeutic benefits, medical users can get a lot from its mood-boosting psychoactive and physically pain-relieving properties. For patients who are struggling with stress, depression, low morale, and mood swings, Triangle Kush has the potential to serve as both respite and a reset. Thanks to its potent indica genetics, Triangle Kush may provide significant relief for those suffering from chronic aches and pains, headaches, migraines, glaucoma, and nausea. In addition, as a hybrid with the tendency to eventually render users couch-locked and sedated, Triangle Kush is reported to be a great boon to insomniacs who are in search of a solid night’s sleep.   What does Triangle Kush taste like? For those of you who are familiar with Kush strains, Triangle Kush definitely smells and tastes much like you’d expect a Kush to.  Its scent, which is far from discreet, is that of lemony citrus and earth with floral, pine, and diesel undertones. Flavorwise, Triangle Kush tastes as earthy and lemony as it smells. When combusted, it leaves a prominent aftertaste of spicy lemon and wood.   How do I grow Triangle Kush cannabis seeds? While Triangle Kush is resistant to changes in weather, it is not considered an easy strain to grow, as it definitely requires mindful nurturing. However, since all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized the chances of ending up male plants is only about 10% or so. Grown indoors, Triangle Kush can be particularly high maintenance as the environment must be rich in CO2 and relatively hot, but not exceed 88 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, its soil will require a pH level that stays between 5.8-6.0, and you’ll need to top it early on to prevent it from growing too tall. However, when cultivating this indica outside, it’s a lot easier to care for and will thrive in a warm and dry setting.   What do Triangle Kush cannabis plants look like? Triangle Kush plants grow to be medium to tall in height and produce leafy buds that are round in shape. Its nuggets, which are generally a beautiful deep forest green in color, are accented with dark orange and amber colored pistils that are long and wispy. Completing Triangle Kush’s looks is its light frosting of white crystal trichomes that add to the allure of its buds.   When to harvest your Triangle Kush cannabis plant Despite not producing the largest yields, Triangle Kush is well worth all the care you invest in it thanks to its incredible effects. Cultivated indoors, this indica should produce a yield of about 200 grams per square meter after finishing flowering in around 10 weeks. Grown outside, Triangle Kush should be ready to harvest in the second or third week of October with an approximate yield of 250 grams per plant.   Similar cannabis strains to Triangle Kush OG Kush the Florida version os this near-evenly-balanced hybrid is believed to be Triangle Kush’s parent strain Hindu Kush this long-beloved, near-pure indica with its calming effects is likely part of Triangle Kush’s lineage Lemon Thai this upbeat, sativa-leaning hybrid is also is likely part of Triangle Kush’s lineage Middlefork like Triangle Kush, this sweet and fragrant strain also contains 70% indica and is consistently ranked among the world’s best strains Hindu Skunk an easy-to-grow, high-yielding strain that also contains 70% indica


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