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A true wake-and-bake strain, award-winning Tangerine Power injects users with a cerebrally stimulating boost that energizes from the get-go.

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Wholesale Tangerine Power Feminized Seeds Viewed 340 times today. Purchased 61 times today. Purchased 474 times this week.   For cultivators who wish to grow highly-coveted, award-winning strains, Tangerine Power cannabis seeds are one of the many top-tier strains that you can easily obtain from Growers Choice. Tangerine Power, which captured 1st Place in the Best Shatter category at the NorCal Secret Cup, is the resultant cross of Agent Orange and Blue Power. Sativa-dominant Tangerine Power is in high demand thanks to its powerfully reinvigorating daytime buzz.   What are the effects of Tangerine Power cannabis? Relaxed Uplifted Happy Energized With Tangerine Power cannabis seeds you’ll be able to grow a cash cow crop whose plants contain 19% THC and 1% CBD.  A true wake-and-bake strain, Tangerine Power cannabis injects users with a cerebrally stimulating boost that energizes from the get-go. Its massive uplift raises both spirits and motivation, leaving users feeling happy, positive, upbeat, and ready to tackle whatever the day holds. Its 25% indica content is enough to ease tightness in the body without sedating, thereby allowing users to move about more freely without being encumbered by stiff muscles and joints.  Tangerine Power’s exhilarating invigoration is also why it’s not recommended for nighttime use unless staying up until the wee hours getting things done is your desired outcome.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Tangerine Power cannabis? Even though cannabis strains don’t need to have much, if any, CBD to be beneficial to medical users, the fact that Tangerine Power contains 1% CBD definitely adds to its therapeutic effects. This blissful and joy-inducing hybrid has a reputation for helping those who are needing respite from chronic stress, negative thinking, and depression. Those who have used Tangerine Power to address PTSD say that not only does it help alleviate its symptoms, but can at times delay its onset. Tangerine Power’s caffeinated-like boost, combined with its perfectly-balanced soothing physical effects, means it has the potential to address ailments such as fatigue, chronic pain, headaches and migraines, nausea, and arthritis.   What does Tangerine Power taste like? With a name like Tangerine Power, you’d be right in jumping to the conclusion that this is one delicious strain that tastes of tangerines. In fact, many users compare it to enjoying a glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice in the morning.  Accompanying its sweet and tart orange flavor are some lovely herbal and earthy notes that make this quite a crowd-pleaser. When combusted, Tangerine Power’s smoke is both smooth and easy on the lungs and throat.   How do I grow Tangerine Power cannabis seeds? Even though Tangerine Power is resistant to pests and able to endure strong winds, it’s not recommended for novice growers as it definitely demands being cultivated by those who are at an intermediate skill level. Fortunately, all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized, which means you don’t necessarily have to use low-stress training (LST) methods just to keep the plants from turning into hermaphrodites. However, using the Screen of Green or other LST methods are good if you want to encourage lateral branching. Grown outdoors, Tangerine Power will thrive in a semi-humid, warm climate and with a lot of expert care. This is why most cultivators opt to grow it in a greenhouse or indoors where they have more control over the environment.  Indoors, you’ll need to top it early on. If you want to enhance Tangerine Power’s flavors, use soil, but if you want 100% organic, chemical-free plants then use hydroponics.   What do Tangerine Power cannabis plants look like? Averaging around 3 feet in height, Tangerine Power is very much a mix of sativa and indica traits with its dense, indica-like nuggets that are medium to large in size like a sativa. Because its buds get so big and heavy, you’ll probably need to support its thick branches at one point as they can still break quite easily. Tangerine Power’s dark forest-green buds are interwoven with orange and rust-colored pistils. Their blanket of glistening trichomes and sheer compactness make them almost impossible to break apart by hand, so having a good grinder around is highly advisable.   When to harvest your Tangerine Power cannabis plant Tangerine Power produces above-average indoor yields and solid outdoor harvests. Depending on the techniques and methods you use, you may be able to get your Tangerine Power plants to begin to flower in as few as 7 weeks. Otherwise, they tend to flower in just 8-9 weeks with a good-sized yield of 550 grams per square meter.  For those wanting to take on the experience-building challenge of cultivating Tangerine Power outside, you can anticipate a harvest of 400 grams per plant near the last week of September into the second or third week of October.   Cannabis strains similar to Tangerine Power Agent Orange this sativa-dominant hybrid that uplifts versus debilitates is one of Tangerine Power’s mighty parent strains Cannatonic a high-yielding, wake-and-bake 50/50 hybrid with 12% CBD Chernobyl this wake-and-bake strain will put a bounce in your step and a smile on your face Lodi Dodi a juicy, potent wake-and-bake that will clear your mind with its energizing high Silver Haze one of the most popular wake-and-bake strains around that’s a near-pure sativa


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