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For a tasty tangerine-tangy treat at the end of the day, easy-to-grow, generous-yielding Tangerine Kush is definitely the route to take.

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Wholesale Tangerine Kush Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds Viewed 408 times today. Purchased 87 times today. Purchased 649 times this week.   For an end-of-the-day, tangerine-tangy treat, Tangerine Kush cannabis seeds are definitely the route to go. This indica-heavy hybrid is the offspring of Tangerine Haze, from whom Tangerine Kush gets its fragrance and flavor, and Rare Darkness, which is the parent strain that this excellent strain inherited its lazy indica potency from. Its sativa content of 30% is just enough to keep Tangerine Haze from being an overwhelming, knock-out couch-locker of a hybrid.   What are the effects of Tangerine Kush cannabis? Relaxed Happy Sleepy Tangerine Kush cannabis seeds develop into plants with vibrant orange-haired nuggets with a THC level of 16%. Despite containing 70% indica, many users say that the high from Tangerine Kush cannabis is more cerebral than physical. This is likely due to the fact that its mental effects are felt strongly and immediately, whereas its impact on the body is more of a slow but steady build-up. So, despite its seemingly mild sedative effects, you can be assured that you will eventually find yourself not only completely relaxed but most likely sleepy and inspired to do nothing except lay about. Its initial mental impact is incredibly upbeat, imbuing happiness from the first couple inhales. Many also report experiencing a sense of sharpened focus and bursts of transient energy. While all of this is happening, Tangerine Kush’s soothing properties steadily wind themselves and spread throughout your physical being, leaving you laid-back and ready to settle in and down, either while chilling with friends or by yourself after a long day or week of constantly doing.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Tangerine Kush cannabis? Tangerine Kush is well-loved by medical users for how it can relieve stress. Its tendency to lift one’s spirit from the heaviness of the blues into a space of happy levity means it may also be quite effective in helping to alleviate depression. In regards to anxiety, Tangerine Kush might not be the best option if you are already prone to anxious thinking as this strain could possibly increase paranoia. While Tangerine Kush’s analgesic potency isn’t as strong as some strains, it has still been known to provide relief for mild aches and pains. Furthermore, it pretty much goes without saying that this indica-heavy strain is considered to be quite effective when it comes to combating insomnia.   What does Tangerine Kush taste like? Thanks to parent strain Tangerine Haze, Tangerine Kush has a distinct, tart orange flavor. Also, as one might expect from a strain with the word “Kush” in its name, Tangerine Kush has a kushy taste with a hint of pine. Accompanying all of these flavors are sweet, fruity, and herbal notes that balance out its kush taste. When combusted, Tangerine Kush offers users a pleasant and smooth smoke.   How do I grow Tangerine Kush cannabis seeds? Easy-to-grow Tangerine Kush is an excellent option for cultivators of all levels, including first-time growers. Plus, the fact that all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized makes things that much simpler. Tangerine Kush will thrive both inside and out. Grown outside, it requires a semi-humid, Mediterranean-esque climate. When grown indoors, using soil is the best medium for bringing out its sweet flavors, but hydroponics and the Sea of Green method should also work, especially if you’re wanting to increase the size of your harvest. While this is a pretty low-maintenance plant to grow, you may need to trim broad fan leaves so that air and light can get to the lower-growing portions of your plants.   What do Tangerine Kush cannabis plants look like? Medium in height, Tangerine Kush is something of a dense and bushy grower with distinguishably large flowers. Its buds, which are conical in shape, have tightly-packed leaves, as is common for indicas. The nuggets of Tangerine Kush are dark forest green with bright orange pistils that many say are also one of the reasons this strain has tangerine in its name. Its buds are quite sticky due to their plentiful frosting of foggy-looking trichomes.   When to harvest your Tangerine Kush cannabis plant When it comes to yield quantities, Tangerine Kush does not disappoint, especially when grown outside. Grown indoors, this strain should be harvest ready in around 8-9 weeks with a solid yield of 400 grams per square meter.  Cultivated outdoors, Tangerine Kush provides a smile-inducing harvest of approximately 600 grams per plant sometime around late September into early October.   Cannabis strains similar to Tangerine Kush Tangerine Dream a calming indica strain that also has a tangy citrusy taste to it Tangerine this hybrid strain with 18% THC tastes and smells a lot like the fruit after which it is named  Hashberry like Tangerine Kush, this hybrid also has a 70:30 indica/sativa ratio, and it provides phenomenally large yields Blackberry Kush for those who love an indica-heavy kush but prefer a berry flavor Santa Maria this transcendent sativa-leaning strain also produces an outdoor yield of about 600 grams 


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