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Tangerine is like a short flight on a clear sunny day, where you can expect a smooth and pleasant trip.

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Wholesale Tangerine Feminized Seeds Viewed 336 times today. Purchased 52 times today. Purchased 570 times this week.   There is a lot about this hybrid strain that tastes and smells a lot like the fruit after which it is named. Tangerine cannabis is often billed as sativa-dominant, but its exact indica/sativa ratio is vague. However, what is known is that it was developed by Ch9 Female Seeds and that it’s a 4th generation offspring of Ch9 Aroma.   Effects of Tangerine cannabis Tangerine’s THC content can reach 18%, which makes it relatively mild in its potency and a good daytime option for both first-time and experienced users. Its high is a nice blend of energy sans anxiety and an uplifting, euphoric cerebral high that might have you gleefully giggling for the first while. The fact that this is a hybrid means that even when the indica-induced relaxation kicks in, you won’t get hit with drowsiness but instead are likely to feel sativa and indica working together in harmony, relieving you of physical and mental woes without having you bouncing off the walls or feeling couch-locked. In short, like a short flight from Orlando to Atlanta on a clear sunny day, you can expect a smooth and pleasant trip.   Medical benefits of Tangerine cannabis For medical users, Tangerine cannabis has an exceptionally high CBD content of 2%, making it a particularly potent medical strain for helping patients struggling with chronic pain, mild to moderate depression, inflammation, muscle spasms and associated tremors, anxiety, and stress.   Growing Tangerine cannabis  With its bright green nuggets and flaming orange hairs all covered in a thick layer of gritty, frosty white trichomes, there’s rather scant information on ideal outdoor growing conditions and exact harvest time, but you can anticipate a yield of somewhere between 10-12 oz per plant. For indoor growing, a hydroponic setup is recommended for yielding 3 oz per square meter in approximately 7-8 weeks.


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