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Sweet and Sour Widow is basically the CBD-enhanced version of White Widow that provides a nice cerebral and body high.

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Wholesale Sweet And Sour Widow Feminized Seeds Viewed 364 times today. Purchased 79 times today. Purchased 463 times this week. Recreational users who think that Sweet and Sour Widow cannabis seeds are only of use to medical users would be incorrect, although their assumption is understandable as there’s the common misconception that CBD-heavy strains have little to offer non-medical cannabis users.  In reality, Sweet and Sour Widow provides recreational users a nice cerebral and body high to those with a low THC tolerance and takes the edge off for more seasoned users who are needing to still be fully functional. This indica-heavy hybrid strain is basically the CBD-enhanced version of White Widow with lower THC and higher CBD.   What are the effects of Sweet and Sour Widow cannabis? Relaxed Happy Uplifted Euphoric Mellow Sweet and Sour Widow cannabis seeds are high in CBD content at 10%, and low in THC at 6%, so, while it will probably take a higher dosage than usual for seasoned users to get this strain’s full recreational benefits, they are still very accessible to those who are accustomed to a much larger THC content. Sweet and Sour Widow cannabis tends to take a bit of time for most to notice its effects taking hold, but once they do, you’ll get to experience its mellow yet deep relaxation and euphoria that steadily increases over time. As the uplifting bliss and happiness sets in, so does the calm, which can really aid users in feeling less anxious and more motivated and able to focus on the task(s) at hand for the entire day. Sweet and Sour Widow can leave new cannabis users feeling a bit sedated, but not to the point of being rendered incapable of functioning. Overall, Sweet and Sour Widow provides just enough of a body buzz to release any tensions being held in the mind or body, which not only frees you up to be more productive, but gives you that extra boost of levity that will make the day seem that much better and brighter.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Sweet and Sour Widow  cannabis? Obviously, having a 10% CBD content means Sweet and Sour Widow is often a go-to for medical patients thanks to its anecdotal medicinal properties.  Apart from being a mood booster and soother that has the potential to provide relief from stress, anxiety, depression, and overall down-on-yourself thinking, Sweet and Sour Widow also has several physical health applications. It is touted as easing chronic and temporary pain, muscle spasms, and tightness in the body. Interestingly, it can help to both combat fatigue by rejuvenating your physical well-being, and overcome insomnia if you’re unable to sleep do to over-anxious thinking or other sleep-robbers.   What does Sweet and Sour Widow taste like? The name of this strain is a blatant indicator of its flavor profile, being both sweet and sour. Sweet and Sour Widow might not appeal to those who dislike any kind of sour or tangy flavor, but other than that, the majority of users really enjoy this hybrid’s delightful blend of sweet onion and spicy pepper. It also has strong notes of the sweet yet bitter taste of grapefruit, along with wet earth and woodiness. The more often you reward yourself with Sweet and Sour Widow the more you will discover its individual flavor notes.   How do I grow Sweet and Sour Widow cannabis seeds? CBD strains are notoriously difficult to cultivate, which is why the fact that all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized makes things just that much easier. While Sweet and Sour Widow is best left to cultivators who have some previous experience growing cannabis, it is worth mentioning that it is a hardy strain that is resistant to mold and high humidity. Sweet and Sour Widow can be grown both in and outside, but due to how tall it can get, growing it indoors will definitely require regular topping and trimming from the get-go.  Cultivated outside, Sweet and Sour Widow will still need some trimming so that enough light reaches its lower branches, and you’ll want to have plenty of space for it to really branch up and out.   What do Sweet and Sour Widow cannabis plants look like? Sweet and Sour Widow tends to mature into plants that will reach 6 feet in height if left to their own devices. It has feathery, bulbous, chunky olive green nuggets that can appear grayish, which is mainly due to its thick resinous white trichomes most likely inherited from its genetic ancestor–White Widow. Its silvery, olive green nuggets are accented with fairly long amber pistils.   When to harvest your Sweet and Sour Widow cannabis plant As an indica-dominant hybrid, Sweet and Sour Widow does flower pretty rapidly, and though it doesn’t provide the world’s largest yields, they’re pretty solid and can be increased if you make sure to regularly top your plants early on. When grown indoors, this strain should yield about 400 grams per square meter in 8 weeks. However, if you apply the Screen of Green method, it should shorten its flowering time by one week. If you are able to legally cultivate Sweet and Sour Widow outdoors, it should be harvest-ready near the end of September into the first week of October, providing an approximate yield of 400 grams per plant.   Similar cannabis strains to Sweet and Sour Widow White Widow essentially the 25% THC version of Sweet and Sour Widow and its genetic ancestor Pennywise another high CBD, indica-dominant strain that is pacifying and well-balanced  with a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD of 14% Sour Tsunami also has a CBD content of 10% CBD Moby Dick also a CBD-heavy descendant of the infamous White Widow Dancehall high in CBD, low in THC strain that also clears the mind and loosens limbs


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