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You don’t have to finish all your dinner before enjoying this kind of dessert! Sundae Driver’s evenly balanced, creative, and relaxing.

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Wholesale Sundae Driver Feminized Seeds Viewed 371 times today. Purchased 55 times today. Purchased 520 times this week. While food desserts have yet to grow on trees, you can grow a chocolate sundae-tasting dessert strain with Sundae Driver cannabis seeds! Even better, you don’t have to finish all your dinner before you can enjoy this kind of dessert! Sundae Driver, which is the offspring of parent strains Grape Pie and Fruity Pebbles, doesn’t just taste incredible, it also has the evenly balanced effects that only 50/50 hybrid blends can offer along with some all-natural pain-relieving effects.    What are the effects of Sundae Driver cannabis? Uplifting Happy Relaxing Creative Euphoric Stress and pain relief Sleepy   While Sundae Driver cannabis is known as a dessert strain, it’s not necessarily one that you need to wait until the evening to enjoy, as though it does eventually induce a sleepy state it first causes the mind and body to soar in its uplifting easeful high. Sundae Driver cannabis seeds will sprout into mature plants with a 20% THC level that offer some of the best of sativa and indica traits, where they each serve to complement the other. Its euphoric cerebral high can make people so happy that they find themselves all full of the giggles. Its mood boosting bliss as if by magic melts stress away as its deeply relaxing effects begin to sink in without sinking you into the couch. Sundae Driver is also well loved for the creative inspiration it provides that allows users to immerse themselves in innovative processes and ventures in an uninhibited and laid-back manner before drifting off to sleep.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Sundae Driver cannabis? Not only does Sundae Driver work wonders with dissipating stress and easing symptoms related to depression and PTSD, it has several other physical and mental health benefits for medical users. It works as a pain reliever to alleviate inflammation, headaches, and tense muscles, all of which are often stress related. It also has other therapeutic properties where its body buzz can help reduce pain due to arthritis, and of course, its indica properties make it useful for combating insomnia and providing patients with some restorative shut eye.   What does Sundae Driver taste like? Sundae Driver’s alluringly flavorful taste is due to its parent strains that are also both known for their delicious profiles. If any strain could come close to embodying the flavors of a chocolate ice cream sundae with fruit toppings, it is definitely Sundae Driver. Its smell is equally delightful as well, smelling of sweet chocolate, fruit, and just a dash of earth–making it both interesting and enticing.   How do I grow Sundae Driver cannabis seeds? Most of what is known about cultivating Sundae Driver is based on its parents strains as it is actually a relatively new strain that only recently appeared on the scene. Both Grape Pie and Fruity Pebbles tend to grow well in stable, mild conditions and will get quite tall. As such, Sundae Driver should reach at least 6 feet tall if not more. It’s a hardy plant that will do well as a stress-training candidate, where encouraging more branches means you’ll end up with more buds, and more buds mean a bigger harvest! To encourage its purple hues, you just need to expose it to cooler, but not freezing, temps just before it is ready to enter its flowering stage. One more thing to remember is that because all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized, you don’t have to worry about picking out the male seeds.   What do Sundae Driver cannabis plants look like? Sundae Driver cannabis plants are sure to catch your eye as they are resplendent in their lovely array of greens, purple, oranges, and reds. Its nuggets are olive green, accented in rich purple undertones with wiry reddish-orange pistils all interspersed throughout and are frosted over in small shimmering white crystal trichomes.   When to harvest your Sundae Driver cannabis plant Sundae Driver cannabis seeds can be cultivated both in and outside after being germinated. When it is grown indoors, Sundae Drive should be ready to harvest in anywhere from 7 to 9 weeks with a moderate, yet healthy, yield of 255 grams or so per square meter. Cultivated outdoors, you can anticipate a yield of around 283 grams per plant sometime around early to mid-October in the northern hemisphere. Outdoor yield can vary depending the the training method you use.   Similar cannabis strains to Sundae Driver  Gelato another great dessert strain that is also a 50/50 hybrid blend Master OG intaking this 50/50 blend will also induce an uplifted and relaxed mood Cinex this sativa-dominant hybrid is also known to bring relief to those suffering from PTSD Lamb’s Bread a favorite for those who want the benefits of a creative boost Snowcap a 50/50 split that will fuel your day with creative energy and that also helps alleviate depression-related symptoms  


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