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Indica-heavy Strawberry Cheesecake is named for the scrumptious no-bake treat and is sure to bake you in all the right ways.

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Wholesale Strawberry Cheesecake Feminized Seeds Viewed 355 times today. Purchased 85 times today. Purchased 343 times this week.   Good news for cannabis users who love their desserts—Strawberry Cheesecake cannabis seeds are easily available from Growers Choice. This luscious indica-heavy strain that’s named for the scrumptious no-bake treat is sure to bake you in all the right ways. Strawberry Cheesecake, which is the resultant cross of White Widow, Cheese, and Chronic, is sure to put you in a fabulous mood while providing you with deep, gentle, full-body relaxation.   What are the effects of Strawberry Cheesecake cannabis? Relaxed Uplifted Happy Creative With Strawberry Cheesecake cannabis seeds you’ll be able to cultivate your own lusciously creamy-tasting strain that, with its 22% THC level, is known for its potency. Strawberry Cheesecake cannabis hits quickly with an understated yet profound build-up of happiness and euphoria that sends you over the moon with bliss. Along with all the good feelings comes a surge of highly-functional creativity and the drive to accomplish whatever you set your giddy mind to. Meanwhile, Strawberry Cheesecake’s indica-dominant side softens tensions in the body, allowing your muscles to unclench. Despite containing 70% indica, this hybrid is unlikely to leave you stranded on your couch. In fact, its relaxing properties actually make it easier for you to get things done due to your mind and body being relieved of the stresses they’ve been holding. This mouthwatering strain does tend to induce hunger, so having snacks nearby is highly recommended.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Strawberry Cheesecake cannabis? Like most cannabis strains, Strawberry Cheesecake’s efficacy is not limited to recreational usage. It also has anecdotal therapeutic benefits to offer medical cannabis users. Strawberry Cheesecake’s ability to calm and release cerebral and physical tensions means it has the potential to temporarily alleviate chronic stress and anxiety, as well as mild to moderate cases of depression. On the physical end of the spectrum, many users say that Strawberry Cheesecake helps to combat chronic aches and pains, headaches, and chronic fatigue. In addition, it may work well as an appetite stimulant due to its tendency to bring on the munchies.   What does Strawberry Cheesecake taste like? While it may sound highly implausible, the truth is, a good majority of recreational and medical users say that using Strawberry Cheesecake is like smoking an actual strawberry cheesecake. This delectable strain, which has an appealing fruity fragrance to it, is a flavor-filled hybrid that tastes of creamy cheese and strawberries; hence, its name and reputation for being such an enjoyable strain to use most anytime you feel–especially when you’re craving some strawberry cheesecake.   How do I grow Strawberry Cheesecake cannabis seeds? While growing Strawberry Cheesecake does require at least a medium amount of cultivation experience, the fact that all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized does make things just that much simpler. Strawberry Cheesecake does best outside in warm weather and will also thrive when grown indoors. One important thing to remember with this strain is that supporting its colas, which are its budding sites, with stakes is highly advised during its vegetative growth stage.    What do Strawberry Cheesecake cannabis plants look like? It’s amazing to think that this strain, which doesn’t tend to exceed 42 inches in height, produces nuggets that, when combusted, will actually taste like their dessert namesake. Strawberry Cheesecake’s densely-packed nuggets are quite small and pellet-shaped—all of which are traits common to an indica. Its buds, which are frosted over in a delicate layer of white trichomes, are a mix of forest and olive greens that are threaded throughout with vibrant orange pistils.   When to harvest your Strawberry Cheesecake cannabis plant No matter where you grow it, Strawberry Cheesecake is a more than generous yielder. However, if you’re able to cultivate it outdoors, then it’s definitely worth doing so as Strawberry Cheesecake can provide a massively astounding yield of around 900 grams per plant in the autumn.   Grown indoors, its yield is far from a letdown at 500 grams per square meter, where Strawberry Cheesecake tends to enter its flowering stage in about 8-9 weeks.   Cannabis strains similar to Strawberry Cheesecake White Widow this infamous and highly-sought-after, sativa-leaning hybrid is one of Strawberry Cheesecake’s three parents Cheese this euphoria-inducing, indica-dominant hybrid is another one of Strawberry Cheesecake’s three parents Chronic straight out of 1994, this “living legend” is the third of Strawberry Cheesecake’s parent strains Strawberry Haze a sativa-dominant hybrid for fans of strawberry-flavored strains Blueberry Cheesecake if you love cheesecake strains but prefer them to be higher in sativa and with blueberry notes.


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