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A hybrid beauty, Space Queen marijuana helps you reach new heights of euhporia. Combining sativa characteristics with 16% THC makes for a giddy smoke that will grow well for a gardener with experience.

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Wholesale Space Queen Feminized Seeds Viewed 495 times today. Purchased 74 times today. Purchased 582 times this week. When you are in need of an out-of-this-world escape, call on Space Queen marijuana, a hybrid that is sure to bring the party.  Featuring slightly more sativa genetics, the spicy, sweet, and tropical Space Queen marijuana will easily take you to new heights, courtesy of an impressive THC content that clocks in around 23%. At its onset, you will feel your mood lift and outlook brighten. As the effects settle in, prepare yourself for a euphoric ride that has been known to enhance creativity while you’re left feeling lighter than air. For these reasons, Space Queen is often considered a great asset for those struggling with stress, anxiety, and other mental health disorders. It’s also great at increasing the appetite (keep your munchies close at hand!)  Space Queen marijuana is a moderately tall plant that may take some care and attention to thrive. It’s best left for gardeners with an intermediate skill level where cannabis cultivation is concerned. Space Queen marijuana seeds can be grown both indoors and out with success, though indoors prefer the industry-standard sea of green or screen of green methods to help provide canopy support. Kept warm with adequate aeration and nutrition, Space Queen will flower in no time, and provide a moderate yield of versatile weed, guaranteed to get you in the dancing mood. 


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