Wholesale Snoop’s Dream Feminized Seeds


Powerful, pungent, and deeply tranquilizing, Snoop’s Dream marijuana puts you into the perfect state for an evening of bliss.

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Wholesale Snoop’s Dream Feminized Seeds Viewed 383 times today. Purchased 63 times today. Purchased 385 times this week. Nearly neon green and larger than life – Snoop’s Dream marijuana is exactly what one would expect from a strain named for one of the cannabis community’s greatest proponents. A heavy tranquillizer, Snoop’s Dream is the strain you want when you’re ready to slow things down.  A toke of Snoop’s Dream marijuana and you’ll find yourself worry-free. If you struggle with letting loose, the euphoric effects are known to make creative pursuits more enjoyable as they relax your mind and body, leaving you free to truly revel in every moment. Notes that are sweet and flowery with hints of blueberry and grapes add to the delectability of this indispensable strain that relieves stress and manages chronic pain with deft and ease.  Snoop’s Dream marijuana is a dream in the garden but requires a little longer if you want to maximize the potency. Eight to nine weeks of flowering will be ready for harvest once the trichomes turn amber, offering an average yield of around 11 to 13 ounces. 


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