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A balanced hybrid with dreamy effects, Shiatsu Kish marijuana is a Japanese transplant that puts a smile on your face as it soothes away stress and pain. A delight for growers of every experience level.

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Wholesale Shiatsu Kush Feminized Seeds Viewed 345 times today. Purchased 98 times today. Purchased 613 times this week. Hailing from Amami Oshima, Shiatsu Kush marijuana is a balanced hybrid that offers great therapeutic benefit to both body and mind from both an above average content of THC (18%) and a decent helping of CBD (1%). With its inviting aromas of vanilla and cedar (and a flavor of sweet, tropical fruit), Shiatsu Kush marijuana is uniquely relaxing and the perfect addition to a day that is slow paced and easy. Shiatsu Kush induces great happiness and cheer, lending an air of optimism to any situation. Overtime, relaxation slips into sleepiness, so its best to stick close to home when indulging in this particular strain. On the medical front, Shiatsu Kush marijuana is praised for its ability to treat chronic stress and pain, as well as reducing inflammation.  Shiatsu Kush marijuana seeds favor a dry and sunny climate, and will produce tall plants with a generous harvest of around 11 ounces per square meter or 13 ounces per plant after the standard 8 to 9 weeks spent flowering.  


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