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Award-winning Shark Shock is a popular indica hybrid that, until Growers Choice, has been difficult to obtain in seed form.

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Wholesale Shark Shock Feminized Seeds Viewed 477 times today. Purchased 51 times today. Purchased 404 times this week.   Even though this is a very popular strain, obtaining Shark Shock cannabis seeds has often been a difficult task as it’s also something of an elusive strain. However, thanks to Growers Choice, that’s no longer an issue. Shark Shock also answers to “Great White Shark” and in the 1990s was more commonly known as either “White Shark” or “Peacemaker.” This former winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup and recipient of other cannabis community accolades is the direct descendant of White Widow and Skunk No. 1. What are the effects of Shark Shock cannabis? Relaxed Uplifted Happy Euphoric Shark Shock cannabis seeds grow into an indica-heavy strain with a fast-acting THC level of 19%. Despite being 80% indica, Shark Shock’s sativa effects make themselves clearly known from the get-go by rapidly delivering a potent and uplifting cerebral high that many users experience as mood-altering euphoria. The levity and state of happiness imbued by Shark Shock cannabis make this a great strain to partake in when partying or hanging out with friends or having a dance party for one at home. When you’ve reached the sativa mountaintop, Shark Shock’s indica properties begin to mosey on in as they soothingly calm and relax the body without leaving you feeling heavily sedated, lazy, or couch-locked. What are the therapeutic benefits of Shark Shock cannabis? Shark Shock’s most impressive therapeutic benefit is its anti-inflammatory property. This aspect can work to significantly alleviate both arthritis and muscle spasms. It’s also used to manage physical health issues like chronic pain and migraines. Depending on how much you use and how Shark Shock affects you as an individual, it can either work to overcome fatigue with its big sativa energy boost or defeat insomnia with its deeply relaxing indica side. When it comes to helping with mental health issues, Shark Shock has the potential to significantly reduce stress and keep depression in check.   What does Shark Shock taste like? Shark Shock is one of those strains where accurately describing its taste is not so simple. However, it’s safe to say that the majority of both recreational and medical users find its flavor to be quite alright.  In general, it could be said that Shark Shock’s flavor profile is that of sweet and sour with tart fruity tastes and some sweetness and spice to it. Those with particularly discerning palates may also pick up on its woody and earthy undertones.   How do I grow Shark Shock cannabis seeds? Shark Shock is a pretty low-maintenance strain to grow, which makes it a good selection for cultivators of pretty much all skill levels. In addition, all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized, which significantly reduces the chances of ending up with male plants by somewhere around 90%. Thriving both inside, outside, and in a greenhouse, it will respond well to the use of soil or hydroponics as a growing medium when grown indoors. Furthemore, using the Sea of Green method with Shark Shock tends to result in massive growth. For those growing Shark Shock indoors or in a greenhouse, it’s generally recommended to keep its height to less than 4 feet.   What do Shark Shock cannabis plants look like? Shark Shock tends to be medium in height when fully grown, although there are some rumors of cultivators ending up with plants as tall as 8 feet high. Shark Shock’s green nuggets are oblong in shape and extraordinarily fluffy, which is a trait commonly associated with sativa. Its buds are adorned in reddish-orange pistils and covered in shiny trichomes.   When to harvest your Shark Shock cannabis plant Easy-to-grow and an above-average yielder, there’s really no reason to not want to cultivate Shark Shock for yourself.  Should you be growing this exceptional, indica-dominant hybrid indoors, you can look forward to a bounty of 550 grams per square meter in anywhere from 6-8 weeks. If you instead grow Shark Shock outdoors, then you can anticipate it being harvest-ready near the end of September into the second week of October with a very pleasing yield of 500 grams per plant.   Cannabis strains similar to Shark Shock White Widow this famous and sought-after sativa-leaning hybrid is one of Shark Shock’s parent strains Skunk No. 1 this ​​popular parental choice and 50/50 hybrid also claims Shark Shock as one of its offspring Lemon this niche sativa-leaning hybrid also has White Widow as its one known parent strain Nuken this highly-sought-after hybrid with bone-deep soothing effects also has an 80:20 indica/sativa ratio Power Plant also contains 19% THC but is on the opposite end of the spectrum with an sativa/indica ratio of 80:20


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