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Ancient Santa Maria, which was originally bred by Amazonian priests centuries ago for spiritual practices, will leave you feeling transcendent.

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Wholesale Santa Maria Feminized Seeds Viewed 443 times today. Purchased 84 times today. Purchased 451 times this week. No longer are Santa Maria cannabis seeds hard to come by now that you can easily get them from Growers Choice! Truly ancient Santa Maria, which was originally bred by Amazonian priests in the rainforests of the Amazon centuries ago for spiritual practices and ceremonies, has been crossed several times over with Mexican Haze and Silver Pearl to gift us all with the transcendent, sativa-leaning strain today that those in the know are always on the lookout for. You might come across this strain in some places under the name of “Planck,” with many saying that Santa Maria was given this new moniker in order to protect its spiritual origins.    What are the effects of Santa Maria cannabis? Happy Focused Energetic Creative   Santa Maria cannabis seeds mature into plants with a moderate 14% THC content and are shockingly sativa-like in their effects despite containing 40% indica.  Santa Maria cannabis sets in quickly with sublimely uplifting, dare we say “holy,” cerebral effects that induce creativity and a sense of motivated focus, making it a fan favorite among artists. This is then followed by a jolt of energy that is not overcome by its relaxing effects brought on by its indica side. In fact, once its more mellow side takes hold, you’re more likely to feel reflective and peaceful as opposed to incapable of functioning. Santa Maria is also known for being a great choice for couples as it tends to be quite the arousing hybrid. Santa Maria, which makes for great usage during the day, not only stimulates and lifts the mind while soothing and arousing the body, it’s likely to leave you feeling good about the world around you and your very self.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Santa Maria cannabis? As a strain created by Amazonian spiritual leaders, it should hardly come as any surprise to find out that Santa Maria has been used since its inception for its medicinal efficacy. This hybrid has a plethora of mental and physical health benefits, where if you are needing temporary relief from stress, depression, anxiety, or overthinking, Santa Maria has the potential to provide you the blissful, worry-free calm and positivity you’re in need of. Santa Maria has been known to help patients suffering from chronic aches and pains, muscle spasms, headaches, loss of appetite, and fatigue. Despite being an energy-boosting kind of strain, Santa Maria may also help to combat insomnia if anxious or worried and negative thinking is what’s keeping you awake.   What does Santa Maria taste like? Over the centuries and repeated crossings with Mexican Haze and Silver Pearl, Santa Maria has been and continues to be considered to be quite a pleasurable strain for the olfactory and taste senses.  Its flavor is an amplified extension of its sweet, floral, and citrus smells. Santa Maria’s citrus flavor has a refreshing zing to it, and you’re likely to pick up on its lovely notes of lavender, thyme, and just a touch of earthiness.   How do I grow Santa Maria cannabis seeds? All Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized, which makes things that much easier for cultivation. However, Santa Maria does require at least a mid-level amount of experience in order to successfully grow it. This strain has a reputation for flowering rapidly and thriving both inside and out. Regarding cultivation of this ancient strain outdoors, the fact that it hails from the Amazon rainforests should tell you what you need to know. Regardless of where you choose to cultivate Santa Maria, it’s important that you prune it regularly as it can grow to be quite large. If you neglect to prune its bottom layer of leaves or keep its growth under control, it could choke itself out, which would result in a low production of buds.   What do Santa Maria cannabis plants look like? Santa Maria is known for growing to be quite tall quite rapidly, and it’s easy for its growth to get out of hand if not properly cared for. This wonderful strain produces beautiful mint and forest green nuggets that are shaped like small pieces of popcorn all interspersed with amber pistils. What really sets Santa Maria apart in terms of its appearance are its unusually yellow coating of trichomes that completely blanket each lumpy little bud.   When to harvest your Santa Maria cannabis plant Those Amazonian priests knew what they were doing in creating this strain. Perhaps they really were able to tap into some kind of higher power of otherworldly knowledge, as Santa Maria has all the basis covered with transcendent effects, unique looks, speedy grow time, and very generous harvests. Grown indoors, Santa Maria should provide an abundant yield of around 550 grams per square meter in as few as 8 weeks. Outdoors, this illustrious strain should be harvest-ready in the autumn with a very pleasing reward of 600 grams per plant.   Cannabis strains similar to Santa Maria Mexican Haze this sativa-dominant strain with its Mexican landrace parentage is a key part of Santa Maria’s modern ancestry Space Bomb an award-winning, energy-boosting sativa-leaning hyrbid that also has 14% THC Royal Highness an award-winning, potent CBD strain that, like Santa Maria, contains 14% THC and a whopping 12% CBD Trinity a highly sought-after sativa-heavy strain that also produces an approximate indoor yield of 550 grams per square meter Mango Haze shares the same indica/sativa ratio of 40:60 as Santa Maria but with a much stronger THC content


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