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As its name implies, Royal Medic has been bred to deliver powerful healing, and is known for providing lucid cerebral effects.

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Wholesale Royal Medic Feminized Seeds Viewed 422 times today. Purchased 90 times today. Purchased 592 times this week. Royal Medic cannabis seeds are a must-have for cultivators who wish to have a rich and strong arsenal of medical cannabis strains. As its name implies, Royal Medic has been bred to deliver powerful healing to medical users. This sativa-dominant hybrid with a near-1:1 THC:CBD ratio is the cross resultant of Juanita La Lagrimose and Critical and is known for giving both medical and recreational users a lucid, mind-clearing kind of high.    What are the effects of Royal Medic cannabis? Uplifted Relaxed Calming Cerebral Royal Medic cannabis seeds mature into powerful plants with an astounding 12% CBD content and just slightly lower THC level of 10%. Although it’s clear that a strain with such high CBD has numerous medical benefits, that doesn’t mean that its recreational benefits should be written off as non-existent. The fact that Royal Medic cannabis is not going to get users “super high” is part of why it makes for such a great wake and bake option. Its effects are more cerebral, clearing the mind of unwanted debris, and uplifting the spirit, while relaxing the body in a way that actually leaves you feeling more energized as opposed to sleepy and lethargic.  The unique clarity, calm, and de-stressing body buzz Royal Medic can offer are all made that much better in that they come on quickly, allowing you to start or go about your day with a bounce in your step and less tension.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Royal Medic cannabis? Royal Medic’s fast-acting properties make it that much more of a desirable option for medical users who are in pain, be it mentally or physically. Its ability to raise one’s spirits also means that Royal Medic has the possibility to really help patients who are needing some respite from stress, anxiety, and depression. Royal Medic also has the potential to alleviate physical health issues like chronic aches and pains, inflammation, nausea, muscle spasms, chronic fatigue, and even seizures. One thing to note is that as something of an energy booster, Royal Medic is probably not the best option for addressing insomnia.   What does Royal Medic taste like? While not always the case, often the way that a strain smells will give you a strong or exact indicator of its flavor. Royal Medic definitely falls into this category, as the moment you smell its skunky and fruity scents you will pretty much know what it tastes like. Along with tasting of fruit and skunk, users often report that Royal Medic also has sweet and earthy overtones with a hash-like flavor when combusted. It is worth mentioning that if you are new to the world of cannabis, then seeing a strain being described as “skunky” in taste and/or fragrance is not a negative thing. In fact, skunky strains are often very highly sought after by many a medical and recreational user.   How do I grow Royal Medic cannabis seeds? When it comes to growing Royal Medic, it’s pretty much nothing but good news for cultivators of all experience levels, including those who are wanting to try their hand at growing for the very first time! Plus, Growers Choice makes things that much easier as all cannabis seeds that you get from us are feminized. Royal Medic can be grown both indoors and out and is hardy and highly resistant to common pests and diseases, making it a pretty low maintenance strain to cultivate. Apart from making sure it is watered and fed, it is recommended that you top it at least one time and prune it from time to time so that light gets to the lower parts of the plant. For those who are brand new to growing cannabis, “topping” means to cut off its main stalk or the “top part” of the plant so that it can grow even bushier.   What do Royal Medic cannabis plants look like? While medium in height, Royal Medic is heavily sativa-dominant, with a bud structure more reminiscent of an indica. This strain is a delight to grow and a joy to look at with its elongated, forest-green nuggets adorned in vibrant orange and amber pistils, all thickly frosted over in glistening white crystal trichomes.   When to harvest your Royal Medic cannabis plant When it comes to generous harvests, Royal Medic does not disappoint. Like the majority of medical strains available, you’re likely to get a larger yield if you cultivate it inside, but that’s not to imply that its outdoor yield is a letdown. Grown indoors, Royal Medic should flower in around 8-9 weeks and provide a sizable yield of 500 grams per square meter. If you decide to cultivate it outside, you can anticipate a harvest of approximately 400 grams per plant, whereas for most strains, harvest time tends to happen in the earlier autumn months.   Cannabis strains similiar to Royal Medic Painkiller XL another powerful medicinal strain that also shares Juanita La Lagrimose as a parent strain  Dance World also has a 12% CBD content, but with matching THC level Ringo’s Gift this medical strain has a crazy 1:20 THC to CBD ratio. CBD Blueberry one more a CBD–rich strain with strong therapeutic effects and a moderate THC level


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