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Award-winning Royal Highness is a potent CBD strain that gives a joyful energetic boost and temporary relief from various ailments.

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Wholesale Royal Highness Feminized Seeds Viewed 358 times today. Purchased 97 times today. Purchased 397 times this week. You too can now discover for yourself why Royal Highness cannabis seeds are so popular with small indoor space medical cannabis cultivators! This award-winning, potent CBD strain with a moderate THC content that leans to the indica side is the offspring of parent strains Dance Hall and Respect. Royal Highness won 3rd place for Best CBD Flower at the 2016 Colorado Cannabis Cup for good reason, as it provides medical and recreational users with a joyful energetic boost and temporary relief from an assortment of mental and physical health issues.   What are the effects of Royal Highness cannabis? Relaxed Uplifted Happy Energized Royal Highness cannabis seeds aren’t just a gift to medical patients with their 12% CBD content, but also to recreational users as they develop into plants with a 14% THC level, making them ideal for those who are either new to cannabis or are wanting milder psychoactive effects. While Royal Highness cannabis leans to the indica side in content, its effects tend to be more on the sativa end of the spectrum. It is known for being a fast-acting strain that provides an energizing, unfettered high that leaves users feeling buoyantly happy, making it great for day or nighttime use. Royal Highness simultaneously soothes the body while motivating the mind so that you’re able to get that uplift you need to be productive or just feel more upbeat about things. In essence, Royal Highness declutters your mind and body so as to free up your body to move more freely and your mind to think more clearly, while being able to take pure delight in the everyday small things of life.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Royal Highness cannabis? With its phenomenally high CBD level, Royal Highness is a boon to medical cannabis users for both mental and physical ailments.  When it comes to afflictions, this strain has a reputation as an anti-inflammatory that dissipates tensions and stretches muscles, making it beneficial for those who suffer from cramps, fatigue, inflammation, and the redness that can come from swelling. It’s also known for alleviating nausea, loss of appetite, and other gastrointestinal issues. For those struggling with mental health issues like stress, negative thinking, depression, anxiety, and PTSD, Royal Highness has the potential to provide significant temporary relief.   What does Royal Highness taste like? Potent in efficacy, attractive in looks, and scrumptious in taste, Royal Highness truly is a high-value, must-have for any user or cultivator. It is renowned for its bouquet of flavors that delight the taste buds. It is a sweet blend of fruit, coffee, and nuts, all accentuated by undertones of savory tobacco and wood. Those who combust Royal Highness often report that not only is it a smooth smoke, but that it has a distinct peppery or spicy aftertaste to boot.   How do I grow Royal Highness cannabis seeds? Since all Growers Choice seeds are feminized, you won’t have to spend time sorting out the males.  That said, Royal Highness probably isn’t the best choice for first-time growers as it does require some experience–intermediate to advanced–to successfully cultivate it. Fortunately, it tends to thrive both inside and outdoors, though it usually does a bit better inside, which is pretty much par for the course with medical strains. Also, the fact that it usually only reaches 4 feet in height makes it ideal for smaller indoor grow spaces. However, if you prefer to grow it outside, know that it requires a warm climate to thrive.   What do Royal Highness cannabis plants look like? Royal Highness is typical of most indicas with its sturdy, outward-growing, and short structure. Its stunning flowers that are composed of brilliant reds, purples, blues, and greens are a trait inherited from its Dance Hall parent strain.   Royal Highness is known for maturing into plants that are abundant in forest-green buds.   When to harvest your Royal Highness cannabis plant While cultivating Royal Highness can be somewhat tricky, its healthy yield will make all your hard work worthwhile. As is also typical for medical strains, growing Royal Highness indoors usually results in bigger harvests than if cultivated outdoors. Inside, it should complete its flowering stage in about 8-9 weeks and provide a hearty yield of 550 grams per square meter.  That said, growing Royal Highness outdoors isn’t going to result in a disappointing harvest as it should yield an approximate 450 grams per plant sometime around the first week of October.   Cannabis strains similar to Royal Highness Dancehall one of Royal Highness’ parent strains with a 9% 1:1 THC:CBD ratio  Painkiller XL a new medicinal 1:1 CBD:THC well-balanced hybrid strain that also cerebrally uplifts while relaxing the body Dance World like Royal Highness with a 12% CBD content Suzy Q another premium medical cannabis strain with an impressive 15% CBD content Stephen Hawking Kush also high in CBD (13%) and low in THC (5%) with relaxed, sleepy, uplifted effects without the “stoner high”


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