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Specially bred for its grape flavor, Querkle’s likely to leave you feeling up for happily doing a whole lot of nothing.

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Wholesale Querkle Feminized Seeds Viewed 457 times today. Purchased 58 times today. Purchased 399 times this week.   Querkle cannabis seeds are another strain that any indica grower should have in their cultivation repertoire. This indica-heavy hybrid was bred by Subcool in the attempt to create a strain with a stronger grape flavor than its mother strain Purple Urkle with more pronounced effects, which is why Space Queen is Querkle’s father strain.   What are the effects of Querkle cannabis? Relaxed Focused Sleepy Thanks to Querkle cannabis seeds, you will be able to grow plants with a powerful 22% THC content and indica/sativa ratio of 80:20. The cerebral impact from Querkle cannabis is that of a blissful and joyful mood-rousing high that chases tension and stress from the mind and body so that you’re able to fully relax and even focus more clearly. However, just because you’ll be able to concentrate more intently without the hubbub of negative thoughts and feelings doesn’t mean that this will also result in a productive afternoon or evening. Instead, Querkle’s indica side is more likely to leave you feeling completely up for doing a whole lot of nothing, where even using just a little too much will probably result in not being able to move from the couch. As its elated yet sedative components begin to wane, sleepiness tends to set in, allowing you to get a good night or afternoon of slumber.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Querkle cannabis? Although Querkle has been known to sometimes induce anxious feelings when used in excessive amounts or by those who are prone to worry, it also has a reputation for helping to manage anxiety levels when used conservatively. Many medical users report that Querkle can be quite effective in providing respite from stress and depression as well. In terms of physical health benefits, Querkle is said to alleviate chronic aches and pains, and, of course, work to effectively combat insomnia.   What does Querkle taste like? Having been specifically brought into being for having an even more prominent grape flavor than its parent Purple Urkle, Querkle’s breeders definitely achieved their goal. Querkle’s flavor, which is similar to and as good as its enticing grape and berry aroma, also brings notes of citrus to the mix. Its fruity flavor is both earthy and sweet, with many users commenting on its pleasurable succulent grape aftertaste.   How do I grow Querkle cannabis seeds? Relatively easy to grow, cultivators of all skill levels should be able to successfully cultivate Querkle indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. Furthermore, all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized. If you are planning to grow Querkle outside, know that it requires a warm climate in order to fully thrive. Should you cultivate it inside, you can use soil or hydroponics as a growing medium and the Sea of Green method to reduce the length of its flowering stage.  While it’s an easy strain to grow, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t require any maintenance or care. As such, it’s recommended that you trim its leaves from time to time so that light and air are able to freely circulate to its lower growing nodes.   What do Querkle cannabis plants look like? Once Querkle plants have reached their full growth potential, they’re generally medium in height. This tasty strain produces buds that are very in keeping with their indica nature in that they are quite tightly packed—to the point of being denser than what one usually comes across. Querkle’s nuggets are radiant with a colorful display of vibrant oranges, rich purples, and violet-red pistils that also appear in bright neon greens.   When to harvest your Querkle cannabis plant Querkle renders healthy-sized harvests that are of top-shelf quality.  When you grow Querkle inside, it should begin to flower in about 8 weeks if you apply the Sea of Green method and reward you with a pleasing harvest of 450 grams per square meter.  If you’re able to grow Querkle outdoors, you need not worry much about its aroma alerting passersby as its smell is that of fruity grapes. Cultivated outside, it should yield about 500 grams per plant sometime around late October.   Cannabis strains similar to Querkle Purple Urkle known for its perfectly balanced effects and sweet grape flavor, this indica-dominant strain is a parent to Querkle Space Queen this giddy hybrid beauty also claims Querkle as an offspring Papaya another flavorful 80:20 indica/sativa hybrid Lemon Haze this lemon-scented sativa-dominant hybrid also has a THC content of 22% UW a highly-popular strain among indica fans that also has an 80:20 indica/sativa ratio and THC level of 22%


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