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With Qrazy Train, it’s not a “fasten your seatbelts” kind of experience, but rather a “sit back and enjoy the ride.”

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Wholesale Qrazy Train Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds Viewed 334 times today. Purchased 77 times today. Purchased 543 times this week.   Qrazy Train cannabis seeds are your ticket to a glee-filled ride down life’s tracks. When you jump aboard the Qrazy Train, it’s not so much of a “fasten your seatbelts–things are about to get wild” kind of experience you’re in for, but more like a “sit back and enjoy the ride” time. This evenly-balanced hybrid is the offspring of four prominent parent strains: Trainwreck, Space Queen, Purple Urkle, and Trinity. What are the effects of Qrazy Train cannabis? Relaxed Happy Euphoric Qrazy Train cannabis seeds will blossom into fruity and spicy-tasting plants with a THC level of 21%. Qrazy Train invites users to sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery as it departs the station. Almost immediately upon pulling away from the platform, users find themselves feeling happier and more buoyant than before boarding. All of these good feelings tend to result in increased sociability, merriment, and laughter. Qrazy Train’s endowment of euphoria and focus is long-lasting throughout the ride until this 50/50 hybrid’s indica side begins to take effect, at which point you’re likely to feel nice and mellow. Since couch lock is not one of Qrazy Train’s typical effects, this strain makes for great use most any time of the day.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Qrazy Train cannabis? Even though Qrazy Train’s CBD content is low at under .5%, that doesn’t mean it lacks mental and physical health benefits for medical users. This strain is considered a highly effective stress and anxiety reliever and antidepressant due to its ability to lift spirits and shift negative thinking into the positive. Qrazy Train’s analgesic properties mean it has the potential to temporarily relieve chronic pain, headaches, and nausea. Due to the fact that this fabulous hybrid often induces the munchies, it may also be useful in helping to overcome loss of appetite.   What does Qrazy Train taste like? The word “unique” is most apropos when attempting to succinctly describe Qrazy Train’s diverse flavor profile. If you do a quick search on this strain you’ll find a vast array of descriptions when it comes to talking about its flavor. This is because not only is taste subjective, but it seems that Qrazy Train tastes different each time you try it.  In general, its flavor can be described as “sweet and fruity with hints of spice.” However, its fruitiness is sometimes labeled as grape and blueberry and at other times more melon with undertones of a nice, crisp champagne. Some users also pick up on its notes of skunk and peppery spiciness.   How do I grow Qrazy Train cannabis seeds? Easy-to-grow Qrazy Train is an excellent option for cultivators of all levels to try their hands at. Plus, the fact that all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized makes things that much easier. As a strain that’s highly resistant to molds, pests, and temperature changes, Qrazy Train can thrive both inside and out. The most important thing to remember, regardless of the setting in which you choose to grow your Qrazy Train crop, is to top it early on, which, according to its original breeders at TGA Genetics, will also help to increase its harvest.   What do Qrazy Train cannabis plants look like? Of all the thousands of different kinds of strains that exist, Qrazy Train probably isn’t going to fall in the Top 100 for looks, but it definitely wouldn’t be at the bottom of the list either.  Qrazy Train, which grows to be medium in height when fully mature, produces buds that feature a variety of shades of soft and light greens. The nuggets are coated in a delicate dusting of trichomes.   When to harvest your Qrazy Train cannabis plant Not only is Qrazy Train easy to grow, it also has a reputation for being quite the fast grower and generous yielder. When grown indoors, this hybrid should begin to flower in as few as 8 weeks, providing an approximate harvest of 450 grams per square meter. It’s relatively short flowering time is something that indoor cultivators can take advantage of to increase their number of harvests in a year. Cultivated outdoors, Qrazy Train should provide a bountiful yield of 600 grams per plant sometime at the end of September or early part of October.   Cannabis strains similar to Qrazy Train Trainwreck this slight sativa-dominant hybrid is one of Qrazy Train’s four parent strains Space Queen this 50/50 hybrid with its out-of-this-world escape is another of Qrazy Train’s parents Purple Urkle significantly less annoying than its primetime namesake, this hybrid is also a parent strain to Qrazy Train Trinity this highly-sought after, mysterious blues-buster is the fourth of Qrazy Train’s impressive parent strains Kandy Kush another  50/50 hybrid that offers a candy-licious way to kick back, unfurl, and relax


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