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Significantly less annoying than its primetime namesake, Purple Urkle marijuana impresses with perfectly balanced effects and a sweet, sweet fragrance that you’ll want to stick around.

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Wholesale Purple Urkle Feminized Seeds Viewed 482 times today. Purchased 78 times today. Purchased 572 times this week. Where the 90s sitcom character of the same name could induce anxiety upon sight, Purple Urkle marijuana is loved for its ability to mellow out its fans with a balanced high and sweet, sweet flavor.  Jacked on THC (it tops out around 20%) with just a touch of CBD for good measure, Purple Urkle marijuana is a 50/50 hybrid that inherited the best qualities from its parents. A tingling euphoria and sedation characterize this blissful strain, which is the perfect addition to an evening of rest and relaxation. Strongly redolent of grapes with hints of earth, Purple Urkle has a distinct sweetness that makes it just that much more enjoyable. All things combined, Purple Urkle marijuana has become a popular therapeutic strain, with a dedicated following of folks suffering from ailments like insomnia, mood disorders, and mild pain conditions.  Growing Purple Urkle marijuana seeds requires some experience, as it tends to be finicky, with an affinity for the right amount of nutrients. Yielding higher when planted indoors versus out (an impressive 18 ounces per square meter vs 9 ounces per plant), Purple Urkle will spend about 8 to 9 weeks flowering before the pretty plant is ready for harvest. And when those flowers bloom, we won’t begrudge you a requisite, “Did I do that?” because yes. Yes you did. 


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