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Wholesale Purple Gorilla Feminized Seeds Viewed 344 times today. Purchased 63 times today. Purchased 408 times this week. While it is unlikely that you will actually see any purple gorillas when enjoying some of this fragrant, indica-dominant hybrid Purple Gorilla strain, some users do say that they detect some changes in their sensory perception when under its electric, dreamlike influence. However, the majority of Purple Gorilla consumers report back that it makes them feel laid back and jolly and love using it when hanging out with friends. Its soothing, sedative, stress-relieving effects take a few minutes to creep up, but then they can take hold like a gorilla’s gentle yet firm grip, giving you great body and cerebral highs.  The earthy, pungent, berry-like scented Purple Gorilla’s THC content runs anywhere from 15%-21% and its CBD is around 1%. A quick online search will tell you that though it’s place of origin is not 100% certain, it most likely first came into being in Northern California.  In regards to its medicinal benefits, this indica-dominant hybrid strain is lauded for easing or relieving back and muscle pain, migraines, stress, and anxiety; and in helping patients with nausea and regaining their appetites. Purple Gorilla is also known for helping those who suffer from insomnia be able to sleep through the night. Not only is Purple Gorilla ranked an “easy” and high-yielding plant to grow, but it can also be cultivated both indoors, in about 7-8 weeks, and outdoors, where it tends to flower in the late summer and be harvest-ready near the start of October.


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