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Easy-to-grow Purple Diesel is well-known for its rousing physical and mental effects that are also relaxing, along with its diesel taste.

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Wholesale Purple Diesel Feminized Seeds Viewed 447 times today. Purchased 93 times today. Purchased 360 times this week.   As there many many iterations of the Purple Diesel strain, the Purple Diesel cannabis seeds that Growers Choice makes available to its customers are the ones that come from the strain that was created from a crossing of Pre-98 Bubba Kush and Sour Diesel.  This version of sativa-dominant Purple Diesel is one of the most popular versions of the strain, with many seasoned users and experts arguing it to be the best one of all.    What are the effects of Purple Diesel cannabis? Happy  Uplifted Relaxed Creative With Purple Diesel cannabis seeds, you’ll be able to grow plants with a 70:30 sativa/indica ratio and THC level of 18%. Purple Diesel cannabis makes for great usage most anytime but especially during the day as it’s well-known for its rousing physical and mental effects that are also relaxing. When used in moderation, Purple Diesel slowly but steadily lifts off with an uplifting and energizing high that has a reputation for inspiring bouts of creativity and the drive to make your newly-inspired ideas a reality. While its cerebral effects are incredibly happy and upbeat, they never become too overstimulating. At times, Purple Diesel even brings on fits of joyous laughter when shared in a social setting. Physically, its body high is reinvigorating, soothing, and tension-eliminating as it works without leaving you in a trance-like state of inactive bliss. However, if you have a low THC tolerance or decide to exceed your usual dosage, then you might find yourself laid out on the couch.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Purple Diesel cannabis? Having a low CBD content does not prevent Purple Diesel from having the potential to assist medical users with various therapeutic benefits. In fact, its ability to energetically recharge, uplift, and relax users makes it a useful medical strain for those suffering from chronic stress, mild to moderate cases of depression, mild forms of anxiety, and even symptoms related to PTSD. On the physical side of things, Purple Diesel may greatly help patients seeking relief from chronic aches and pains, headaches, migraines, fatigue, and loss of appetite. What does Purple Diesel taste like? It’s completely understandable that being told that something tastes like diesel could have you backing away as quickly as possible. When it comes to cannabis strains, one that tastes or smells of diesel is very common. In fact, there are those who highly prefer a diesel-tasting strain to a dessert strain. That said, it’s only fair to say that some simply do not like the taste of diesel, and despite the fact that the majority get used to it over time, there are those who don’t. For those who truly cannot stand diesel-tasting strains, then Purple Diesel is not going to be one you’ll want to combust as this is the dominant fragrance that tends to intensify upon exhaling. Combined with its dank diesel overtone is that of sweet delicious berries.   How do I grow Purple Diesel cannabis seeds? Purple Diesel is rated as an easy plant to grow, which means even newbies should be able to successfully cultivate this popular strain. Making things even easier is the fact that all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized. Thriving both inside and out, Purple Diesel does best in a warm and temperate environment when grown outside. Indoors, it will respond well to the Screen of Green method. No matter where you grow it, trimming Purple Diesel regularly is highly recommended so that all of its lower growing nodes get the sun and air they need.   What do Purple Diesel cannabis plants look like? Even though Purple Diesel is a sativa-dominant hybrid, its growth structure is that of an indica as its plethora of side branches tend to grow from a single stem. Purple Diesel, which is medium in height, produces dark olive-green nuggets with luscious purple undertones and a random smattering of bright orange pistils. Like a sativa, its buds, which are thickly frosted over in a layer of trichomes and sticky resin, are large and fluffy in structure.    When to harvest your Purple Diesel cannabis plant Purple Diesel provides very disparate yields indoors and out, where inside its yields are average in size, but outside they’re massive. When growing this strain indoors, it should flower in about 8-9 weeks with an approximate harvest of 400 grams per meter. However, using the Screen of Green method may make it possible to not only reduce Purple Diesel’s flowering time but also increase its yield size. If you’re able to grow this one outdoors, you will be so glad you did, as Purple Diesel should bless you with a whopping yield of 800 grams per plant near the end of October.   Cannabis strains similar to Purple Diesel Blueberry Headband this indica-dominant hybrid also has Pre-98 Bubba Kush as one of its parent strains Sour Diesel this sativa-dominant hybrid, which is called an “upper” for a reason, is one of Purple Diesel’s parent strains Sour Kush packed with lots of holistic goodness, this relatively balanced indica and sativa hybrid also has Sour Diesel as a parent strain NYC Diesel another sativa-dominant hybrid for fans of pungent Diesel strains Grapefruit Kush has the same 70:30 sativa/indica ratio as Purple Diesel, but without the diesel smell nor taste


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