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Short in stature but with a bountiful yield, Presidential OG marijuana is a leader with excellent returns. Suitable for every experience level, its a fragrant and prosperous addition you won’t regret.

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Wholesale Presidential OG Feminized Seeds Viewed 314 times today. Purchased 53 times today. Purchased 325 times this week. Presidential OG marijuana may be the only American leader who won’t help you catch a ride on Air Force One but its peaceful and sedative effects and THC content are sure to get you high, nonetheless.  A hybrid that leans heavily towards its indica heritage, Presidential OG marijuana is a powerful strain that delivers a hefty high for both body and mind. Delivered on a puff of pine and citrus fruit, conditions like chronic pain and insomnia is no match for the tranquilizing prowess of Presidential OG marijuana. Beginner gardeners will find that Presidential OG marijuana seeds are no challenge in the garden – these plants are relatively short, often only reaching heights of 3 feet. Indoors or out, they won’t take up much space to produce dense nugs covered in sticky hairs. After 7 to 9 weeks of flowering, Presidential OG marjuana will be ready for harvest, and offer an impressive yield, upwards of 21 ounces (when grown outdoors), which should be more than enough to convince cultivators to vote Presidential OG triumphant again and again. 


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