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Power Plant lives up to its name. Our wholesale seeds are an 80% sativa-dominant blend with a mid to high THC percentage. They give patients an invigorating, euphoric sensation that uplifts for improved energy and mental clarity.

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Wholesale Power Plant Feminized Seeds Viewed 373 times today. Purchased 60 times today. Purchased 322 times this week. You’re the owner of a promising business that offers gardening or cannabis and other natural health alternatives to your customers. When you decide to add a new product line to your shelves, you need to know you’re getting quality and reliability that matches your existing products – right? You’ve come the right place. When you buy wholesale from Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds, you’re buying more than just feminized, hand-selected seeds that offer a huge number of medical and recreational advantages to your loyal customers. You’re also getting all the benefits of being part of a thriving, customer-centric family that puts your and your customers best interests ahead of profit. Read on to learn why Growers Choice is the perfect wholesale partner for you. Read More For wholesale pricing, please email us for more information.


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