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Plushberry marijuana is a balanced hybrid with a mild aroma that will surprise consumers with its intense effects and relatively easy-to-grow profile.

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Wholesale Plushberry Feminized Seeds Viewed 316 times today. Purchased 86 times today. Purchased 317 times this week. If indulgence you seek, Plushberry marijuana is a balanced hybrid that will surround you in sweetness and bliss.  Plushberry marijuana is predominantly invigorating, a cerebral experience that allows your mind and body the flexibility necessary to accomplish tasks throughout the day and into the evening. As the initial mental stimulation subsides, a physical calm sets in, and can affect mood, appetite, and libido. Strong in effect, Plushberry is quite mild on the palette, a benefit for anyone who likes to keep their habit on the down low.  Patients have found much benefit in incorporating Plushberry marijuana into their treatment programs, particularly when used to combat mental health disorders like PTSD and ADD.   To cultivate Plushberry marijuana seeds, growers may prefer a soil environment to make the most of its flavors, though it will do well in a hydroponic set up, as well. A quite short plant, roughly 4 feet tall, it tends to require attention to its shape, but within 7 to 9 weeks, efforts will be rewarded with a fragrant yield of around 3-7 ounces per square meter/plant (indoors vs out).


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