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For de-stressing after a long day or getting out of a funk and resting, Platinum OG is more valuable than gold.

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Wholesale Platinum OG Feminized Seeds Viewed 476 times today. Purchased 78 times today. Purchased 537 times this week. If you have yet to check off defying gravity from your couch with heavy-hitting, indica-dominant hybrid Platinum OG, then this is a definite “must” on your weed bucket list. Mendocino Farms combined Master Kush, OG Kush, and an unverified third that many suspect to be from the Purps fam.   Effects of Platinum OG With THC levels ranging from 20%-24%, Platinum OG might understandably feel like a pure indica strain but it does have just enough sativa to give you some rather uniquely stimulating cerebral effects as it melts your worries away and you calmly find yourself floating away into the nether-regions of your couch.    Medical benefits of Platinum OG cannabis All of this is also why medical users love Platinum OG–it’s a sedating mood-lifter that helps relieve stress, depression, insomnia, anxiety, and the doldrums. It’s also been known to be effective for helping patients suffering from loss of appetite due to harsh treatments, muscle spasms, backaches, and migraine headaches. Note that if you choose to exceed your usual dosage amount you might feel somewhat dizzy or paranoid, and no matter what you’ll definitely want some refreshing liquids at hand as it can leave you feeling pretty parched.   Growing characteristics of Platinum OG With platinum, crystal-coated plump buds a gorgeous lime green with striking orange hairs, Platinum OG has a sweet, fresh earthy, woody aroma and an herby taste of pine trees, coffee, and spice.  In terms of cultivation, Platinum OG cannabis is resistant to molds and mildew and is considered an easy grower. Outdoors, it will thrive in a warm and sunny climate and will be ready to harvest in about 9 weeks with a relatively small yield that is worth your effort. Grown indoors, it will yield around 7 oz per square meter in approximately 9 weeks. For a good night’s sleep, de-stressing after a long day, or getting out of a funk and resting, Platinum OG is more valuable than gold.


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