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Platinum Kush is an uncomplicated high that results in instantaneous, utter relaxation and sedation, along with a blanketing of positivity.

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Wholesale Platinum Kush Feminized Seeds Viewed 486 times today. Purchased 50 times today. Purchased 671 times this week.   Platinum in appearance, potency, yield, and its long-standing reputation in recreational and medical marijuana circles, Platinum Kush is a heavily indica-dominant hybrid that is thought to be the result of a crossing between Master Kush and an Afghani strain.   What to expect with Platinum Kush With a THC level that tends to average around 21% when properly grown, Platinum Kush is known for its sweet, fruity, and berry fragrance and a sweet, pungent, earthy, berry, and pine taste.  Platinum Kush is an uncomplicated yet potent indica strain. You don’t really have to wonder if you will end up couch-locked—you can just light up knowing that this will result in instantaneous, utter relaxation and sedation that you will fully feel in your body as positivity blankets and centers you in a spirit of rejuvenation. The only thing you’ll want to do before settling onto the couch will be to have some snacks ready within arm’s reach.   Medical benefits of Platinum Kush Medically, Platinum Kush cannabis is considered a potent medical strain due to its high CBD level. Its reputation is for helping bring healing and relief to those who suffer from stress, muscle spasms, back pain, migraines, headaches, depression, insomnia, and anxiety. Its hunger-inducing properties mean that it is often prescribed to patients who have lost their appetites due to various treatments.    Growing Platinum Kush cannabis Platinum Kush is an easy grower that only requires consistent trimming. When grown in a well-ventilated indoor environment, you can expect a hearty yield of around 18 oz per square meter in 8-9 weeks. For growing Platinum Kush outdoors, it is important to ensure it’s in a warm and dry setting that will remain frost-free; it will then yield about 14 oz per plant around late September until early October.


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