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Platinum GSC is hands down one of the most popular strains amongst medical and recreational users alike inducing bliss and healing

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Wholesale Platinum GSC Feminized Seeds Viewed 344 times today. Purchased 87 times today. Purchased 598 times this week.   Platinum GSC, aka “Platinum Girl Scout Cookies,” is hands down one of the most popular strains amongst medical and recreational users alike. So, getting Platinum GSC cannabis seeds, means you’ll be able to grow an indica-leaning hybrid that is loved by many and always in high demand! It is the resultant cross of equally impressive parent strains OG Kush and Durban Poison, and has such an ardent and loyal following due to its healing potentials for both physical and mental health issues along with inducing elated bliss and invigorated innovative ideas!   What are the effects of Platinum GSC cannabis? Relaxed Uplifted Euphoric Happy Your Platinum GSC cannabis seeds will grow into luscious plants with a powerful 23% THC content that does wonders for the mind, body, and spirit. Platinum GSC cannabis induces a cerebrally-soothing sense of euphoria where you feel nothing but happy warm fuzzies where you’re smiling from ear to ear as your body sinks into the couch and your mind drifts off into the worry-free realms of space. While Platinum GSC definitely inspires creativity, it might be the kind that you just think about versus doing anything about as chances are you will be feeling like moving is a waste of your energy, in part because moving might feel impossible. Any joy you’ve been suppressing will come to the surface and any stress and tension you’ve been holding will be released as you begin to understand just why others love this hybrid so much!   What are the therapeutic benefits of Platinum GSC cannabis? As already mentioned, Platinum GSC is as popular amongst the medical user community as it is in recreational circles. One of the main mood disorders that Platinum GSC is often prescribed for is stress, due to its gift in unwinding and relaxing frazzled, worried minds. It has also been known to be effective in helping those who struggle with ADHD, depression, and anxiety. On the physical side of the health spectrum, Platinum GSC has a reputation for providing temporary relief for patients suffering from headaches, migraines, everyday muscle and joint pains, arthritis, and muscle spasms. It may also help to alleviate nausea.   What does Platinum GSC taste like? Chances are you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who has used Platinum GSC say that they find its flavor to be disagreeable; in fact, you’re more likely to hear them talk about what a wonderful and pleasurable balance of tastes it is. Platinum GSC has a candy-like sweetness with a host of berry notes and earthy undertones. Some say that it tastes of chocolate, mint, lemongrass, and fruit all at once with just enough hints of herbs and spice to make it a well-rounded, flavorful strain.   How do I grow Platinum GSC cannabis seeds? While Platinum GSC does require being somewhere around a medium level as a cultivator, one aspect that makes things that much easier for growers is the fact that all Growers Choice seeds are feminized! Platinum GSC, which can be grown in and outside, has a high resistance to diseases and is generally resistant to pests. When cultivated outdoors, this strain will thrive in a dry, hot Mediterranean-like climate. Cultivated indoors, Platinum GSC does very well with hydroponics. Other pieces of advice for indoor growing is to top it and use HIDs to illuminate large growing spaces.   What do Platinum GSC cannabis plants look like? Overall, Platinum GSC grows to be medium in height and is an enchanting strain to look at. It has a distinct look with its dark green nuggets, often accented with rich purple leaves, and then accompanied by stunning orange hairs. All in all, Platinum GSC is mesmerizing from its very aesthetics to its taste and effects.   When to harvest your Platinum GSC cannabis plant Platinum GSC is a hybrid strain that values quality over quantity. However, a little online research will quickly reveal tips from different breeders and growers who all have lots of ideas, tips and tricks to increase your harvest amounts. If you are cultivating Platinum GSC indoors, you can anticipate it to be harvest-ready in 8-10 weeks providing a yield of somewhere in the vicinity of 350 grams per square meter. When grown outdoors, this strain should provide a similar yield of 350 grams, but per plant versus per square meter, sometime near the middle of October.   Similar cannabis strains to Platinum GSC Durban Poison this pure sativa is one of Platinum GSC’s parent strains AK a near-balanced hybrid that also leaves users feeling relaxed, euphoric, and happy Mercury Candy another popular strain amongst medical cannabis users UK Cheese also promotes happiness and relaxation along with helping patients being able to eat Bay 11 like Platinum GSC has great benefits for both recreational and medical users


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