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Aptly-named for its tenacious will to grow, Pitbull is an excellent choice when planning a nice, chill, laid-back night at home.

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Wholesale Pitbull Pit Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds Viewed 392 times today. Purchased 62 times today. Purchased 690 times this week.   Pitbull cannabis seeds used to only be available for purchase at certain brick-and-mortar stores, and, until now, finding them online was impossible. Now that you can obtain Pitbull in seed form, you’ll be able to cultivate your own plants that are known for being tenacious growers.  Pitbull’s parent strains are P-91 and the winner of the 2003 Oregon Medical Cannabis Cup for Best Sativa, Sugar Plum. This indica-heavy strain, which is aptly named, is an excellent choice when planning a nice, chill, laid-back night at home.   What are the effects of Pitbull cannabis? Relaxed Uplifted Sleepy Pitbull cannabis seeds are relentless and determined growers that mature into plants with a THC level of 18%. While Pitbull cannabis is indica-dominant, it’s its sativa side of giggly elation and upbeat thinking that makes itself known first. As Pitbull’s high carries on, it shifts more from the cerebral to the physical, leaving users feeling utterly blissed out and relaxed as opposed to heavily body buzzed. Pitbull makes for a great option when staying in and wanting to just binge watch, snack, and chill, as it’s not uncommon to end up feeling contentedly lazy, hungry, and drowsy,    What are the therapeutic benefits of Pitbull cannabis? It’s known in cannabis circles that having a high CBD content isn’t always necessary for a cannabis strain to offer therapeutic benefits for medical users. As such, while Pitbull’s CBD level isn’t particularly noteworthy, it still has the potential to be of great use to those suffering from various mental and physical health issues. Pitbull has been known to provide patients who are dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, and mood swings temporary relief.  On the physical end of the spectrum, Pitbull may help to alleviate inflammation, migraines and headaches, GI issues, chronic pain, nausea, and insomnia. Its tendency to induce the munchies means it could be quite useful for those struggling with eating disorders.   What does Pitbull taste like? When it comes to any and every strain, you won’t have to spend a lot of time looking to see that different breeders, reviewers, and commercial retailers will all describe the scent, flavor, and even the smoothness of a smoke in ways that can seem contradictory at times.  For example, some say that when combusted, Pitbull’s smoke is harsh, while others proclaim it to have quite a smooth smoke. This isn’t because one source is less reliable, but is due to the fact that we each experience things in our own unique way. So, it could be that the person who describes Pitbull’s smoke as cough-inducing had that experience because they inhaled too sharply or it just happened to hit their lungs in a certain way, and maybe the one who experienced Pitbull as smooth is because they were using a vape pen or didn’t inhale as deeply. Some aspects that are generally agreed upon when discussing Pitbull’s flavors are that it has notes of skunky earth, sweet tropical fruits, and lemons, along with lovely lavender accents.   How do I grow Pitbull cannabis seeds? Like all cannabis seeds from Growers Choice, Pitbull seeds are feminized. In addition, Pitbull is considered quite an easy strain to cultivate, making it a great option for novice to expert growers. Some of the factors that make it such an easy plant to grow are its resistance to mold and mites, its hardiness, and its ability to do well in most any growing environment. Overall, Pitbull should thrive both in and outside. If you want to bring out its purple hues, you’ll want to expose your plants to nighttime temperatures that are about 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit lower than usual, though ensure that it’s not freezing temps.   What do Pitbull cannabis plants look like? Maybe kind of like their canine version, Pitbull plants tend to be short to medium in height and stocky in build. This strain produces medium to large and fluffy nuggets that are olive green in color with bursts of bright orange pistils popping through, all coated in dewy droplets of trichomes. Some Pitbull phenotypes will produce strokes of purple when properly shocked.   When to harvest your Pitbull cannabis plant For those who are new to cultivating cannabis, choosing strains that are easy to grow and that produce sizable yields is always a good place to start, and Pitbull does not disappoint in either of these arenas. Grown indoors, this strain should produce a healthy yield of about 450 grams per square meter in only 6-7 weeks. Timed right, this short growing time means that cultivators can then increase their harvest quantities of Pitbull.  If you are able to cultivate Pitbull outdoors, it should be harvest-ready by mid-September with a sizable yield of approximately 600 grams per plant.   Cannabis strains similar to Pitbull Hashberry also an indica-dominant strain that lifts spirits and lightens the body Cali Kush another a fast-growing, indica-heavy hybrid Lemon one more fast-growing indica-dominant hybrid that’s been known to flower in 6.5 weeks Blue Haze an indica-dominant strain with a reputation for providing serenity and joy Ingrid another indica-heavy strain that’s subtle in its effects


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