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Fragrant and floral with a powerful hit of THC (21%), Pink Kush marijuana is an indica-dominant dream that grows well for all gardeners and offers something for everyone.

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Wholesale Pink Kush Feminized Seeds Viewed 500 times today. Purchased 57 times today. Purchased 629 times this week. A kush is a kush is a kush, and Pink Kush marijuana takes the well-loved characteristics of his heritage and wraps it up in a beautiful package with a strong floral bouquet.  An indica dominant blend with an enticing flora aroma that has notes of warm vanilla, Pink Kush marijuana is known as a couch-lock strain that provides an invigorating and long-lasting high that sends bad thoughts packing, with an occasional fit of the giggles. In terms of its healing capabilities, Pink Kush marijuana is a go-to choice for treating chronic stress and anxiety. It has also been found to soothe chronic aches and pains with great effect.  Pink Kush marijuana seeds are ideal for beginner growers – this strain is resistant to common molds and pests, but also has a deliciously fragrant aroma that will make the wait for harvest that much easier. Flowering within 10 to 11 weeks, Pink Kush produces, on average, between 18 and 25 ounces of high potent (20% THC) and versatile bud. 


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