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Pineapple Jack is a stimulating, near-pure sativa that’s beloved for its ability to quickly reinvigorate energy levels and uplift spirits.

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Wholesale Pineapple Jack Feminized Seeds Viewed 363 times today. Purchased 51 times today. Purchased 392 times this week.   For a rousing, wake-and-bake, near-pure sativa, you definitely want to get your green thumb on some Pineapple Jack cannabis seeds. This stimulating sativa is the love child of parent strains Pineapple and the classically iconic Jack Herer. Pineapple Jack is beloved by many a recreational and medical user for its ability to quickly reinvigorate energy levels and uplift the spirits.   What are the effects of Pineapple Jack cannabis? Happy Focused Relaxed Energized Pineapple Jack cannabis seeds mature into plants that contain 90% sativa, 10% indica, and a moderate yet intensely powerful 18% THC content. When used in moderation, Pineapple Jack cannabis provides users with a profound but not incapacitating high that works like a strong jolt of caffeine to wake and motivate weary users. Its cerebral effects are impressive in how they seem to magically clear the mind of fog and heighten the senses so that users are able to hone in and focus on the tasks and work of the day ahead of them. This energizing and mood-boosting sativa-heavy hybrid not only works to allow users to be more productive and to stay on track, it can serve as a social booster in that it can make even the most socially-anxious or introverted user feel ready to mingle… to the point of turning the shy and inhibited into a chatty Cathy.  While Pineapple Jack’s cerebral effects are its most prominent feature, it contains just enough indica to help users feel more relaxed in their own body without feeling lethargic. In fact, many say this morning strain’s calming effects actually work to uplift.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Pineapple Jack cannabis? Pineapple Jack isn’t just for recreational users to enjoy, it’s also an incredible strain that medical cannabis users can greatly benefit from both physically and mentally. Pineapple Jack’s uplifting effects that quickly turn a frown into a smile are also known to help temporarily relieve stress, anxiety, depression, irritability, PTSD-related symptoms, and, for some users, even issues related to bipolar disorder. Many patients say this upbeat hybrid serves to work as a sort of reset for their malaise. On the physical side of things, not only does Pineapple Jack have a reputation for effectively combating fatigue, it’s also widely reported to alleviate chronic aches and pains, headaches, migraines, and PMS.   What does Pineapple Jack taste like? As the offspring of tropical Pineapple and earthy Jack Herer, Pineapple Jack has a dynamic flavor profile as exquisite as it is complex. Pineapple Jack is truly a treat that most any medical or recreational user is bound to enjoy thanks to its beautiful blend of fruit, citrus, musk, and spice flavors all wrapped up together with powerful pine and earth notes.   How do I grow Pineapple Jack cannabis seeds? Pineapple Jack, which can be grown inside and out, tends to require previous cultivation experience in order to successfully grow. However, there are some with less than an intermediate level who have been able to cultivate this sativa without too many problems as its plants are hardy, resilient, and resistant to molds and mildews. As always, all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized, which means the chances of ending up with male plants are notably low. Whether you choose to grow Pineapple Jack indoors or outdoors, it’s important that the environment is dry and warm, and kept as such.   What do Pineapple Jack cannabis plants look like? Pineapple Jack’s plants are relatively non-descript and medium in height when fully mature.  Even though Pineapple Jack is 90% sativa, its nuggets are surprisingly dense in structure, which is a trait commonly associated with indica genetics. Whatever its tightly-packed generic lime green buds lack in stand-out looks, they more than make up for in content.   When to harvest your Pineapple Jack cannabis plant Pineapple Jack produces solid harvests that are average in quantity and far above average in effects.  When cultivated indoors, you can anticipate this sativa-heavy hybrid taking anywhere from 8-10 weeks to flower with a nice yield of around 350 grams per square meter. Grown outside, Pineapple Jack usually produces about 400 grams per plant sometime around the end of October.    Cannabis strains similar to Pineapple Jack Pineapple this euphoric, sativa-leaning hybrid is one of Pineapple Jack’s parent strains Jack Herer this enduringly popular recreational and medical, near-evenly-balanced hybrid is Pineapple Jack’s other legendary parent strain Lamb’s Bread this bubbly, wake-and-bake hybrid also has a 90:10 sativa to indica ratio Candy Jack this happy and energetic 50/50 hybrid is a relative of Pineapple Jack’s as it also claims Jack Herer as one of its parent strains Tangilope this giggle-inducing hybrid that tastes of chocolate-covered oranges also has a 90:10 sativa to indica ratio


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