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A sticky sweet indica with a deceptively high THC content (25%), Pez marijuana is delicious and sedative, an excellent accompaniment to an evening of rest and relaxation

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Wholesale Pez Feminized Seeds Viewed 385 times today. Purchased 82 times today. Purchased 315 times this week. A pure indica of Asian heritage, at 27% THC, Pez marijuana is a thoroughly relaxing, if particularly potent, strain that sets in slowly, radiating in waves throughout your body to release all tension for a dreamy, slightly hallucinogenic experience.  Popcorn-like buds crown Pez marijuana plants, releasing a sweet berry aroma underscored by earth and pine. The fragrance and flavor is as smooth as its onset, and before you know it you may find yourself locked in bliss in the comfort of your cushions. The tranquilizing effects of Pez marijuana have been beneficial among medical cannabis patients, who enjoy the strains ability to provide temporary, natural relief from chronic pain, inflammation, and mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. Insomniacs will also find a friend in Pez, as its sedating effects help consumers find their way to a restful sleep.  Whether cultivated indoors or out, Pez marijuana seeds thrive under humid, warm conditions, and require regular trimming to allow light to reach every growing node. Within 7-8 weeks, the sticky sweet buds of Pez marijuana will be ready for harvest, providing a high yield of versatile weed for your personal use. 


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