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Body-buzzing, time-distorting Papa’s OG is an incredibly potent nighttime strain that both seasoned recreational and medical users will greatly appreciate.

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Wholesale Papa’s OG Feminized Seeds Viewed 367 times today. Purchased 84 times today. Purchased 694 times this week. Finding Papa’s OG cannabis seeds has not always been the easiest to do. Fortunately, thanks to Growers Choice, accessibility is no longer an issue. This renowned indica-heavy hybrid is most likely the offspring of OG Kush and Skywalker OG, though some swear that Papa’s OG’s parent strains are Granddaddy Purple, aka “Granddaddy Purps,” and OG Kush. This incredibly potent nighttime strain is one that both seasoned recreational and medical users will greatly appreciate.   What are the effects of Papa’s OG cannabis? Relaxed Happy Sleepy While easy-to-grow Papa’s OG cannabis seeds are highly recommended for any cultivator to have in growing rotation as one of their cannabis crops, it’s not necessarily recommended for all levels of cannabis users to try thanks to its mind- and body-blowing 25% THC content. With Papa’s OG cannabis, you’re sure to enter a state of deeply relaxed bliss both mentally and physically. Its cerebral effects will help your mood ascend into the realms of happiness and serenity, where giddiness and laughter abound. Papa’s OG’s physical high will have your body buzzing and unraveled in all the best ways.  Chances are when you indulge in this powerhouse of a strain, time may distort and five minutes might feel like fifty. Using Papa’s OG at the end of your evening is the perfect way to come down from a long and frustratingly stressful day and just enjoy chilling on your couch listening to tunes or binge-watching nature programs before hitting the hay.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Papa’s OG cannabis? Papa’s OG’s THC content, combined with its 1% CBD level, makes it quite a potentially beneficial strain for medical users who are seeking alternative ways to address some of their mental and physical health issues. However, before getting into some of the therapeutic benefits of this hybrid, do remember that cannabis is not a replacement for visiting trained medical professionals for diagnoses and treatment. Some of the physical concerns that Papa’s OG may be effective in addressing are chronic muscle and joint aches and pains, migraines, inflammation, nausea, and loss of appetite. It’s also frequently used by patients to combat insomnia. Those who are seeking temporary relief from chronic stress, anxiety, depression, mood swings, PMS, and PTSD may also find Papa’s OG to be incredibly useful.   What does Papa’s OG taste like? Papa’s OG flavors are quite appealing to the majority of recreational and medical users. This hybrid tastes of berry, grape, skunk, and spice. Its peppery and earthy flavors, combined with its sour skunky and sweet berry notes, make for a complex and tremendously enjoyable flavor profile. When combusted, Papa’s OG smoke is quite thick and can sting the back of the throat a bit, which may result in some coughing and watery eyes.   How do I grow Papa’s OG cannabis seeds? Not only are all of Growers Choice cannabis seeds feminized, but Papa’s OG is considered an easy grow even for novice cultivators to try their hand at, due in part to its high resistance to common molds, mildews, and diseases.  This hybrid, which will require the occasional trimming of large, upper fan leaves so that light and air can reach the lower growing parts of the plant, can be grown either inside or out. When grown outside, Papa’s OG requires a warm and sunny Mediterranean-like climate in order to fully thrive.   What do Papa’s OG cannabis plants look like? Papa’s OG plants are bushy growers that usually hover in the short to medium range in terms of height with long side branches. As is typical for indicas, Papa’s OG’s buds are small and tightly packed together. Its dense, olive-colored nuggets that are shaped like little lumpy grapes are covered in such a thick blanket of icy trichomes that they actually appear to be covered in white frosting. Randomly sprouting out from between the leaves are curly brown and orange pistils.  Due to the heavy layer of trichomes, Papa’s OG’s nuggets require the use of a grinder to break up.   When to harvest your Papa’s OG cannabis plant Papa’s OG can be counted on for good, solid, average-sized yields regardless of where it’s grown. If you decide to cultivate your Papa’s OG indoors, you can anticipate its flowering stage to take place in about 8-9 weeks, where you should get a harvest of about 400 grams per square meter. Should you instead grow this hardy strain outdoors, it should be harvest-ready sometime between mid- to late-October with an approximate yield of 450 grams per plant.   Cannabis strains similar to Papa’s OG OG Kush this sativa-leaning hybrid that originated in the 90s is one of Papa’s OG parent strains Skywalker OG a euphoria-driven and couch-locking 50/50 hybrid that’s believed to be Papa’s OG other parent strain Granddaddy Purple this high-yielding, 100% pure indica strain is the other possible parent strain of Papa’s OG Presidential Bubba Kush this almost-presidential-in-power, near-pure indica can also claim OG Kush as a parent strain New Glue another impressive hybrid that shares the same indica/sativa 80:20 ratio


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