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Neville’s Haze is one fun rollercoaster complete with all the glee and delight, and the gliding slow down at the end.

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Wholesale Neville’s Haze Feminized Seeds Viewed 307 times today. Purchased 67 times today. Purchased 650 times this week. If you’d like to grow your own old school award-winning sativa-dominant hybrid, then Neville’s Haze cannabis seeds will allow you to do exactly that! Winner of the 1998 High Times Cannabis Cup, Neville’s Haze is a predominantly Haze strain with some Northern Lights No. 5 genetics thrown in to deliver one fun, rollercoaster of a ride complete with all the glee and delight as well as the eventual slow down and gliding stop at the end.   What are the effects of Neville’s Haze cannabis? Euphoric Giggly Happy Creative Neville’s Haze cannabis seeds blossom into sativa-heavy plants whose buds deliver what can only be described as “euphoric, giggly bliss” with their 21% THC content. This strain starts with a strong dose of cerebral euphoria that douses the embers of the blues and stress away reigniting you with a sense of elation, creativity, and energy. Used in moderation, Neville’s Haze cannabis gives mental clarity, sharpened focus, and motivation to be productive. Used in a social setting, it has a reputation for turning things into one big happy event filled with giggling and laughter.  While all of this is happening, its 20% indica subtly kicks in with its subtle yet unmistakable relaxation that does not tend to turn into full-on sedation. After a few hours, Neville Haze’s energetic mental high begins to wane and two things tend to happen: a) an onset of the munchies, and b) drowsy time. However, if you choose to exceed your tolerance level, then it is possible that you might experience some adverse effects like dizziness, paranoia, or even a headache, but that really only happens if you opt not to use Neville’s Haze in moderate doses.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Neville’s Haze cannabis? As is typical for plants that are high in sativa content, Neville’s Haze is known for inducing euphoric bliss. For medical users, this trait can be especially useful when seeking a non-chemical option for helping to alleviate stress, depression, and anxiety and regulate their emotions. Some patients also have found that Neville’s Haze has helped with glaucoma and nausea, and despite being a huge energy booster, it even helps some with their insomnia due to the gentle come down that can result in some drowsiness and peaceful sleep.   What does Neville’s Haze taste like? If you were somehow able to give ten people all the exact same bite of a freshly-baked fruit and berry pie, they would probably each describe its flavor very differently while overlapping in certain descriptions like “sweet,” “strong berry flavors,” etc. The same concept applies to cannabis strains, and in this case, more specifically, Neville’s Haze. Some of the overlapping descriptions you’ll typically hear about the taste of Neville’s Haze are: tart lemon, sweet earthy and floral flavors, and a “classic cannabis” flavor. Users tend to be split into two camps on whether or not it tastes skunky, with some saying it does and others saying it doesn’t.    How do I grow Neville’s Haze cannabis seeds? Neville’s Haze was bred to be able to not just survive, but thrive in cooler European climates. However, despite its hardiness when it comes to withstand colder temperatures, this strain is not an easy one to grow and definitely requires experience to successfully cultivate it.  While Neville’s Haze can thrive in cooler outdoor temps, it does like tropical ones as well and will reach up to 14 feet tall. As such, if you decide to grow it indoors, you’ll need to consistently trim and prune it in order to encourage outward vs upward growth. Also, if you grow it inside, Neville’s Haze tends to do best with hydroponics.   What do Neville’s Haze cannabis plants look like? When it comes to appearances, Neville’s Haze could also have been called “Neville’s Gaze” as its buds are quite nice to gaze upon. Not only is this a tall-growing strain, Neville Haze’s buds are dense and light, almost lime, green in color, all covered in curly brown hairs. Its dusting of translucent trichomes gives the nuggets the appearance of having been dipped and rolled in sugar.   When to harvest your Neville’s Haze cannabis plant Even though Neville’s Haze is something of a fussy cannabis plant to grow, its effects and yields make it so very worth all of your hard work! Cultivated indoors, Neville’s Haze is not in a rush to get to its flowering stage as sometimes it can take as long as 14 weeks until it’s harvest-ready. If you grow it under 600 watts of light and cultivate it with much care and attention, you could get 650 grams per square meter! If you live somewhere where it’s legal to cultivate cannabis and having incredibly tall plants isn’t an issue, then if you grow Neville’s Haze outdoors it should be harvest-ready near late November with a whopping yield of 750 grams per plant!   Similar cannabis strains to Neville’s Haze Ghost Train Haze also strong on the sativa and strong on the cerebral euphoria Bruce Banner another sativa-dominant, sociable and giggling kind of happy high Pink Kush despite being a heavily indica-dominant strain, this hybrid also induces bouts of the giggles Master OG a 50/50 blend that induces an uplifted, relaxed mood, often including both giggles and the munchies Dutch Treat while predominantly indica, this one also starts with strong cerebral happiness and elation, which fuel creativity and inspiration  


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