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Montana Silvertip is known for being an exhilarating sativa-dominant hybrid that provides a unique mental boost and welcome physical calm.

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Wholesale Montana Silvertip Feminized Seeds Viewed 361 times today. Purchased 77 times today. Purchased 329 times this week.   If you’ve been on the lookout for a good, regular go-to sativa, Montana Silvertip cannabis seeds can deliver exactly that. This sativa-dominant hybrid, which originated in the breath-takingly gorgeous state of Montana, is the proud offspring of highly-regarded parent strain Granddaddy Purple and Super Silver Haze. Montana Silvertip is known for being an exhilarating hybrid that provides a unique mental boost and welcome physical calm.   What are the effects of Montana Silvertip cannabis? Relaxed Happy Uplifted Montana Silvertip cannabis seeds produce easily-grown plants that contain a simulating 75:25 sativa to indica ratio and an eye-popping 25% THC content. As an invigorating sativa, Montana Silvertip cannabis offers an uplifting cerebral high that is bound to leave you feeling happier than before indulging in it without overstimulating your mind to the point of having your thoughts bouncing off the walls. In fact, one of the reasons Montana Silvertip is so popular as a daily usage kind of hybrid is due to how its mental effects have the tendency to increase a user’s creativity, focus, and productivity. This joy-inducing sativa is also so beloved for the fact that along with all its uplifting and invigorating mental properties, it also provides the perfect blend of soothing relaxation that should leave you feeling nice and chill even after its high has worn off. As a point of interest, the only ones who risk finding themselves stranded on the couch with this rousing and calming sativa hybrid are those with very low THC tolerance levels.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Montana Silvertip cannabis? Although there is much anecdotal evidence surrounding the medical efficacy of cannabis, in no way is it ever intended to be used in lieu of seeking help from a professional mental or physical healthcare provider. So with that in mind, when it comes to Montana Silvertip, this sativa-dominant hybrid has quite a positive reputation amongst medical cannabis users for its potential to alleviate various mental and physical health ailments. As a sativa known for its blissful, elated, and calming effects, Montana Silvertip is said to effectively relieve chronic stress, depression, and negative thoughts and feelings. As a pain reliever, Montana Silvertip has the possibility to provide some much-needed respite to patients who are suffering from chronic aches and pains, chronic migraines, headaches, back pains, muscle spasms, and nausea. For those suffering from moderate fatigue, Montana Silvertip may help to provide just the right amount of that needed energetic boost for jumping headfirst into the day.   What does Montana Silvertip taste like? Montana Silvertip is the kind of plant that likes to make its presence known via its dank and diesel-like aroma that delivers detectable wafts of skunk and grape as well. In keeping with its unique scent, this sativa-dominant hybrid also offers an unconventional flavor profile consisting of sweet pine, sugary berries, earth, skunk, and diesel. All of which combined result in an interestingly sweet and floral taste experience.   How do I grow Montana Silvertip cannabis seeds? As a low-maintenance hybrid that’s resistant to common molds, mildews, and diseases, Montana Silvertip is considered to be an extremely easy strain to grow where even newbies should be able to successfully cultivate it. In addition, all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized, which means that there’s only about a 10% chance of ending up with male plants. Thriving both indoors and out, Montana Silvertip requires a dry, warm and sunny setting and basically just needs the usual care of nutrients and water.   What do Montana Silvertip cannabis plants look like? Montana Silvertip plants grow to be quite tall, so if you have limited indoor growing space, you may want to consider growing it outside if discretion isn’t an issue. This sativa-dominant hybrid produces buds that are known for being long and irregular in shape. Thanks to its parent Granddaddy Purple, Montana Silvertip produces purple-hued nuggets that are chock-a-block full of stringy pistils and densely coated in trichomes.   When to harvest your Montana Silvertip cannabis plant Montana Silvertip provides cultivators with slightly above-average sized yields that are easily achieved with seemingly little effort. When grown indoors, this sativa should finish its flowering stage after around 8-9 weeks at which point it should provide an approximate yield of 400 grams per square meter. Cultivated outdoors, Montana Silvertip tends to produce a harvest of about 450 grams per plant somewhere near the middle of October.   Similar cannabis strains to Montana Silvertip Granddaddy Purple this heavy-hitting, pure indica is one of Montana Silvertip’s parent strains Super Silver Haze Montana Silvertip’s other parent that’s known for its sativa-heavy, long-lasting, energetic high Purple Punch this delicious, fast and hard-hitting indica-dominant hybrid can also claim Granddaddy Purple as a parent strain Phantom Cookies a delightful tasting, sativa-dominant strain that is also an offspring of Granddaddy Purple Island Sweet Skunk a high-yielding, mood-boosting hybrid that also contains a sativa to indica ratio of 75:25  


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