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Now you can unlock the doors to the magic kingdom of the happiest place on earth with sativa-heavy hybrid Mickey Kush.

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Wholesale Mickey Kush Feminized Seeds Viewed 357 times today. Purchased 80 times today. Purchased 399 times this week.   Yes! Now you can unlock the doors to the magic kingdom of the happiest place on earth with Mickey Kush cannabis seeds. Okay, well maybe this sativa-dominant strain won’t quite get you to Mickey Mouse’s home, but it will fill you with joyful giggles and energetic delight. Mickey Kush is the offspring of Sweet Irish Kush, aka “Sweet Kush,” and the ever-illustrious icon of a strain, Jack the Ripper.   What are the effects of Mickey Kush cannabis? Uplifted Happy Euphoric Mickey Kush cannabis seeds blossom into plants with a mind-blowing, relaxation-inducing 24% THC content. This strain is a premium option for feeling good about life and getting things done. Mickey Kush’s cerebral boost is more caffeinated in its effects than psychoactive. Almost as soon as you inhale Mickey Kush, your mind will be cleared of debris and, as if out of nowhere, your distracted inability to concentrate will transform into lucid and creative focus. As a strongly dominant sativa hybrid, Mickey Kush also brings on the happiness and euphoria, causing you to feel more upbeat and ready to either check things off your to-do list or go share this goodness with your friends and just hang out. While containing only 25% indica, that’s more than enough for Mickey Kush to soothe and loosen your physical being so that you feel blissfully relaxed without being overwhelmingly lethargic and sedated. However, a word of caution—this is an incredibly potent strain, and if you choose to use it in excess or if you’re new to the world of recreational cannabis you might experience anxiety, indolent laziness, and a more psychedelic journey.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Mickey Kush cannabis? Mickey Kush’s exhilarating impact on the mind also means that it has the potential to serve medical users who are in need of temporary relief from chronic stress and depression. Its focus-inducing trait may also help those with ADHD. However, if you are someone who is prone to anxious thinking and paranoia even when not using cannabis, then this might not be the best option for you if you’re trying to reduce your anxiety levels. In regards to Mickey Kush’s ability to aid with physical ailments, it may work to alleviate both mild aches and pains, headaches, muscle spasms, and fatigue.   What does Mickey Kush taste like? Mickey Kush is an interesting strain both smell and flavor-wise, where some go so far as to describe it as having a scent and taste that’s reminiscent of cleaning products. While that may sound like a derogatory description, in truth it’s not necessarily a negative thing but more like a creative way to describe Mickey Kush’s strong lemon and woodsy fragrance and flavor profiles. Along with this citrusy tart and woody taste come notes of pepper and sweet fruit, as well as earthy floral hints.   How do I grow Mickey Kush cannabis seeds? When you order your Mickey Kush seeds you can do so knowing that all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized. Mickey Kush is considered a relatively easy strain to grow, where even those with little cannabis cultivation experience should find success with this versatile plant that can be grown both in and outside. Cultivated outdoors, this strain requires a dry and warm climate in order to fully thrive. In general, breeders recommend that you top Mickey Kush early on as this plant can grow to be quite tall.   What do Mickey Kush cannabis plants look like? Medium to tall in height, Mickey Kush is not the most eye-catching of strains but it’s far from unappealing in its looks.  Although this is a sativa-dominant strain, its nuggets take on its indica heritage in that they are quite dense in structure as opposed to loose and billowy, as is more typical for sativas. Mickey Kush’s sticky buds are olive green with flecks of amber pistils.   When to harvest your Mickey Kush cannabis plant Mickey Kush produces solid yields and has a relatively short flowering time, which also means that indoor growers then have the possibility of increasing their harvests. In fact, when cultivated indoors, Mickey Kush begins to flower in only 7-8 weeks and renders an approximate yield of 450 grams per square meter.  Grown outside in the right environment, Mickey Kush should be harvest-ready around the first or second week of October with a yield of 400 grams per plant.    Cannabis strains similar to Mickey Kush Lucid Dream this is also a sativa-heavy hybrid known for its energetic, elated, and mood-brightening effects. Fortune Cookies another sativa-dominant strain that’s cerebrally arousing and uplifting  Mango Haze one more for fans of sativa-dominant hybrids; this one has a flavorful potency and well-balanced mental and physical effects Allen Wrench a sativa-heavy hybrid that also has a reputation for helping ADHD-sufferers Sour Amnesia with 80% sativa, this winning strain also simultaneously boosts the mood and enhances productivity


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