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If you’re looking for an escape from the daily grind, Mendo Breath will provide you with exactly that.

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Wholesale Mendo Breath Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds Viewed 332 times today. Purchased 80 times today. Purchased 663 times this week.   Rejoice! No longer do you have to track down clippings to grow this tasty indica-dominant dessert strain as Mendo Breath cannabis seeds are now available from Growers Choice Seeds. If you’re looking for an escape from the daily grind, Mendo Breath, which is the offspring of OG Kush Breath and unicorn-like Mendo Montage, will provide you with exactly that.   What are the effects of Mendo Breath cannabis? Relaxed Euphoric Sleepy Mendo Breath cannabis seeds grow into sweet-smelling and tasting plants with 60% indica, 30% sativa, 10% ruderalis, and a THC content of 20%. Mendo Breath cannabis is a deeply relaxing indica that provides users with restorative relief from the busy-ness of their lives by cerebrally uplifting them to a place of euphoria and physically sedating them so that rest is possible. Many like to use Mendo Breath at the end of the day when they’re ready to just veg out and stream some shows or listen to music before falling asleep. Mendo Breath starts things off with a warming mental buzz filled with bliss, positivity, and levity that work together to alleviate tensions in the mind and body. On the physical end of things, this indica-dominant hybrid provides welcome bodily heaviness that comfortably sinks one into their couch before transporting them to the land where dreams reside. For those with low THC tolerance levels, Mendo Breath can result in an increased sense of paranoia. As such, it’s recommended to start off moderately. Used beyond individual tolerance levels, it can induce paranoia and heighten anxiety levels. Staying within moderation will deter any unwanted side effects such as greening out.    What are the therapeutic benefits of Mendo Breath cannabis? When it comes to mental and physical therapeutic benefits, Mendo Breath has a plethora of possible applications to offer medical users. As a soothing and spirit-raising indica-dominant hybrid, Mendo Breath has the potential to provide patients suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, various mood disorders, and PTSD with solid temporary relief. For those experiencing physical ailments, Mendo Breath is said to effectively alleviate chronic aches and pains, inflammation, muscle spasms and cramps, and stiffness. Finally, this potently sedative hybrid is considered a godsend for insomniacs.   What does Mendo Breath taste like? Of Mendo Breath’s many desirable traits are its dessert-like fragrance and flavor. Smelling of caramel, chocolate, vanilla, and mint, this indica is akin to having a nice toasty, wintery drink in front of a blazing fire. Mendo Breath’s flavors are similar to its aroma, offering users a delectable blend of caramel, chocolate, berries, refreshing mint, and a hint of earth. When combusted, its aftertaste is a delightfully long lingering one of caramel and vanilla.   How do I grow Mendo Breath cannabis seeds? Mendo Breath, which can be grown indoors and out, is a moderately difficult strain to grow, which means it requires cultivators have at least a medium amount of experience behind them before attempting to cultivate this one. Since all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized, the likelihood of ending up with male plants is only about 10%. Grown outside, Mendo Breath requires a warm climate in order to thrive. Cultivated inside, this indica responds best to the use of hydroponics as opposed to soil so as to shorten its growing time and potentially increase yield sizes. In addition, experts recommend that growers employ the Sea of Green method, as doing so has the potential to get a single cola to produce multiple buds.   What do Mendo Breath cannabis plants look like? Mendo Breath plants, which are medium in height when fully grown, produce popcorn-shaped nuggets that are mint green in color. The bag appeal of this indica’s chunky, irregular-shaped buds are further enhanced with an interweaving of fuzzy, vibrant orange pistils and thickly coated in a frosting of white crystal trichomes.   When to harvest your Mendo Breath cannabis plant Come harvest time, Mendo Breath rewards growers for all their hard work and care with solid, average-sized yields that provide users with physical and mental ease. Grown indoors, this indica-dominant hybrid should be ready to harvest in 7-9 weeks with a yield of around 350 grams per square meter. Cultivated outdoors, Mendo Breath should render an approximate harvest of 350 grams per plant somewhere around the last week of September to the middle of October.   Cannabis strains similar to Mendo Breath Ewok this potent hybrid with versatile effects also contains 60% indica White Fire OG (aka WIFI OG) this impressive and pungent strain is another that claims an indica content of 60% Purple Princess this fast-flowering strain thats deliver sweetly gentle relaxation is another with 60% indica UK Cheese this savory and potent strain also contains 10% ruderalis, but unlike Mendo Breath its sativa content is 60% Cinex like Mendo Breat, this cheer-inducing, skunky-sweet hybrid contains 10% ruderalis, but with 60% sativa


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