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Relaxing Medicine Man kicks the clutter out of your mind allowing you to better focus and think more clearly and creatively.

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Wholesale Medicine Man Feminized Seeds Viewed 317 times today. Purchased 89 times today. Purchased 593 times this week. While we wish we could tell you that by having Medicine Man cannabis seeds you have now found the magic cure-all to treat all illnesses and ailments in your community, we cannot. However, we can tell you that this indica-dominant hybrid, which was formerly known as “White Rhino,” was renamed to Medicine Man due to its incredibly potent medicinal and recreational effects. It is the cross resultant of two South American and South Indian landrace sativa strains and the infamous and powerful Afghani indica strain, where despite its small sativa side of 20%, Medicine Man still packs quite an amazing cerebral punch.   What are the effects of Medicine Man cannabis? Relaxed Creative Euphoric Focus Sleepy Medicine Man cannabis seeds will grow into impressive plants with an average THC content of 22% that can pack a real wallop without necessarily leaving you stranded on your couch. This strain doesn’t kick you in the head so much as it kicks the clutter and worries out of your mind allowing you to better focus and think more clearly and creatively. On the physical end, Medicine Man cannabis is known to release and fully relax tensions in the body making space for euphoria and happiness to settle in. Many users report that as a result they not only feel more focused, blissful, and tranquil, but also more talkative without feeling high-strung. While Medicine Man soothes the mind and body leaving you feeling more lazy and able to fall asleep, it also only tends to result in couch lock if you choose to exceed your own THC tolerance level.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Medicine Man cannabis? With a name like Medicine Man, you would be right in expecting it to have some anecdotal medical efficacy, which this strain definitely does. One its biggest benefits that many medical users turn to this strain for, is its euphoric and mind-clearing reputation which can translate into serving as a massive stress reducer. Other medical benefits of Medicine Man are its potential to greatly help those who are suffering from inflammation, minor aches and pains, and headaches. Although, it is important to also mention that some users have reported getting a headache after either choosing to use too much Medicine Man or neglecting to drink enough water and being dehydrated.   What does Medicine Man taste like? Doing a search on the flavor of any strain, including Medicine Man or by its former name “White Rhino,” is going to result in a lot of varying and at times, contradictory, information. This is, of course, because things like taste and smell are so subjective. That said, most describe Medicine Man as having a mild yet distinct flavor of citrus, berries, earth, and smoky wood all tied together with a bouquet of sweetness. Another consistent description you’ll find is that Medicine Man’s taste is hard to explain except to say that it is very pleasant and “indica” in its profile and yet somehow also very unique.   How do I grow Medicine Man cannabis seeds? Medicine Man isn’t the easiest strain to cultivate, but at the same time doesn’t require your being in the expert level to be able to grow it. As such, it’s maybe not one for someone who is growing cannabis for the first time to try their hand at, but provided you’ve had some experience growing you should be up for the challenge. Plus, the fact that all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized will make things less complicated as you won’t have to sort out the male seeds. This hybrid can be grown in and outside as well as in a greenhouse. When grown outdoors in a sunny environment, Medicine Man will grow to be pretty tall, whereas indoors it will be more compact. Regardless of where you grow it, this strain is known for producing a fair amount of resin.  One other tip when cultivating Medicine Man indoors is to combine the Screen of Green method with hydroponics, which will both result in higher-quality buds and reduce its flowering time from 8 weeks to 7 weeks.   What do Medicine Man cannabis plants look like? The reason that Medicine Man was originally named White Rhino is because its leaves and buds are oddly pointy like rhino horns. Medicine Man, which can grow to be very bushy and wide in girth and tall in height, has dense buds that are a reminiscent of a decorated Christmas tree with its green nuggets adorned with red and yellow pistils that sometimes even have purplish hairs all mixed in all coated in a wintry frosting of white trichomes.   When to harvest your Medicine Man cannabis plant Medicine Man cannabis plants provide pretty generous yields, making it worth any extra time or effort required to nurture them. Should you choose to cultivate this strain indoors, it should be harvest-ready in 8 weeks, or 7 weeks if using hydroponics, with an approximate yield of 600 grams per square meter when grown under 600 watts of light. Cultivated outdoors in a Mediterranean-esque climate, Medicine Man should yield about 600 grams per plant in the early part of October.   Similar cannabis strains to Medicine Man Afghani a pure indica that is one of Medicine Man’s parent strains Michael Phelps another indica-dominant strain that also deeply relaxes  G13 indica-dominant hybrid also with a 22% THC content Blueberry Headband although sativa-dominant, this one too provides creative and relaxing effects Permafrost one more sativa-dominant strain that similarly relieves stress, making way for creative productivity 


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