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For all those classic cannabis lovers, the Master OG is the perfect strain to induce an uplifted mood, relaxation, and physical relief; all the reasons we love marijuana in the first place.

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Wholesale Master OG Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds Viewed 487 times today. Purchased 66 times today. Purchased 638 times this week. They don’t call it the “OG” for anything!  Combining all the typical positive effects of marijuana into one potent strain, Master OG is referred to as an original for a reason. A cross between Master Kush and Express Kush, Master OG possesses up to 18% THC. That potency is evident by the strain’s powerful scent and earthy taste, containing notes of citrus and pine, as well as a sour undertone.  This 50/50 blend yields all the effects that make you want to smoke marijuana in the first place!  Intaking this strain will induce an uplifted, relaxed mood, often including both giggles and the munchies.  In addition to its mood-lifting qualities,  Master OG is hailed as a popular strain for medical usage.  This strain is great for reducing inflammation and is widely recommended to help ease chronic pain including headaches, back aches, and joint pain.  Its powerful Indica tendencies also make it fairly soothing, perfect for evenings when you’re looking to slow down. While this strain has a fairly average yield, its resistance to standard molds and mildews make it a great choice for growers.  Able to be grown both indoors and out, Master OG plants will typically take an average of 8-9 weeks to finish flowering before they are ready to be harvested and enjoyed by lovers of classic cannabis everywhere.


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