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Marionberry Kush’s well-balanced effects aren’t like your typical indica-heavy strain and actually make it seem more like a 50/50 hybrid.

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Wholesale Marionberry Kush Feminized Seeds Viewed 408 times today. Purchased 65 times today. Purchased 499 times this week.   If you’re all about growing Pacific Northwest strains, Marionberry Kush cannabis seeds are a must-have for your in or outdoor setup. Just like the berry, this indica-dominant hybrid that hails from the stunning area of Mt. Hood, Oregon is oh-so-berry-licious. Both calming and exhilarating, Marionberry Kush is the resultant cross of Raspberry Kush and Space Queen, and is a sister strain of similarly mouth-wateringly delicious smelling and tasting Cinderella 99.   What are the effects of Marionberry Kush cannabis? Relaxed Happy Uplifted With Marionberry Kush cannabis seeds you’ll be able to cultivate potent plants with a THC content of 23% and indica/sativa ratio of 80:20.  Although Marionberry Kush cannabis is indica-heavy, its well-balanced effects aren’t like your typical indica-heavy strain, and actually make it seem more like a 50/50 hybrid. Starting with powerful yet very even cerebral effects that simultaneously uplift and relax, Marionberry Kush seems to instantaneously erase all worries and jittery nerves from the get-go. To say this is a happy daytime strain only begins to convey just how upbeat and stimulating this hybrid is. At the same time, Marionberry Kush isn’t exactly a wake-and-bake strain but more the kind you want to use on a day off or after work when you’re wanting to feel a blend of alert and lazy. Its blissful, smile-inducing, soothing high does not quickly fade and is likely to bring on a case of the munchies near the end. Marionberry Kush makes for a great choice when either just home doing your own thing or when hanging out with friends outdoors around a campfire or lounging about by a nice cool body of water.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Marionberry Kush cannabis? Marionberry Kush’s mood-altering properties that can quickly turn a frown into a smile make it a useful option for medical users who are needing extended, temporary respite from stress and depression. Some patients who have been professionally diagnosed as having bipolar disorder have said that Marionberry Kush can sometimes provide them with relief. In addition, those suffering from fatigue, headaches and migraines, and even insomnia may find Marionberry Kush to be of great benefit to them. Its ability to help with pain management and nausea, as well as induce hunger.   What does Marionberry Kush taste like? You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who had something negative to say about Marionberry Kush’s fragrance and flavor.  In fact, one of the things that Marionberry Kush is known for is its dessert-like taste of berries. Depending on who you ask will depend on which fruit or berry they tell you it tastes like, as this hybrid is known for having six different sweet fruity scents and flavors that include blueberries, strawberries, and pineapple, along with other tropical and citrus flavors.   How do I grow Marionberry Kush cannabis seeds? This delectable strain is easy to grow, making it a highly suitable option for cultivators of all skill levels including newbies. In addition, all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized, which means the chances of ending up with a hermaphrodite or male plant is highly unlikely—generally 10% or less. Marionberry Kush will thrive equally well inside and out, but if you’re growing this hybrid outdoors just make sure that it gets copious amounts of sunshine and that it’s never exposed to frost.   What do Marionberry Kush cannabis plants look like? This is a lovely and attractive hybrid that tends to be medium in height when fully grown. Marionberry Kush produces buds that are sort of a mix of indica and sativa structural traits in that they are small like an indica, but rather loose and fluffy like a sativa. Its vibrant light green nuggets are completely coated in a thick, resinous layer of trichomes that makes the buds quite syrupy and sticky to the touch. Popping out from between the loose leaves of Marionberry Kush’s buds are warm amber pistils. When to harvest your Marionberry Kush cannabis plant It’s quite common that when a strain is easy to grow, has incredible effects, and succulent aromas and flavors, it can have smaller yields that are more than made up for by all the other amazing traits it brings to the table. However, with Marionberry Kush, this strain lacks nothing in the harvest department, as it’s also known for its major beaucoup yields. As such, no one seems to mind that it can take 9-10 weeks to flower when grown indoors, as its average yield size is that of 650 grams per square meter. If you live in the right setting and are able to cultivate Marionberry Kush outdoors, you’ll be sure to be grinning from ear to ear when you reap an approximate harvest of 800 grams per plant sometime around late October.   Cannabis strains similar to Marionberry Kush Space Queen this giddy beauty of a 50/50 hybrid is one of Marionberry Kush’s parent strains Cinderella 99 an energetic, sativa-dominant hybrid that’s a sister strain of Marionberry Kush  White Diamond chill bright like a diamond with this 50/50 hybrid that also claims Space Queen as a parent strain Dream Queen another offspring of Space Queen that’s a euphorically-potent, sativa-dominant hybrid  Khalifa Kush like Marionberry Kush, this indica-heavy hybrid defies what you thought you knew about indicas and how they work


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