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Mango Haze has an impeccable reputation due to its impressive lineage and flavorful potency with well-balanced mental and physical effects.

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Wholesale Mango Haze Feminized Seeds Viewed 464 times today. Purchased 71 times today. Purchased 443 times this week. With Mango Haze cannabis seeds, you’ll be able to grow a sativa-leaning hybrid that has an impeccable reputation in the cannabis community due to its impressive lineage and flavorful potency, all with well-balanced mental and physical effects. Mango Haze, which is the resultant cross of notable parent strains Northern Lights #5, Haze, and Skunk #1, makes for great usage any time of the day or night when you’re looking for a pain-relieving boost of energy.    What are the effects of Mango Haze cannabis? Relaxed Energetic Happy Uplifted Mango Haze cannabis seeds mature into potent plants with a powerfully psychoactive THC content of 22%, which may be a bit too intense for beginners and those with a low tolerance level for THC. Mango Haze’s initial energizing and uplifting cerebral effects are almost-immediate and pretty much last the duration of its high. Many users find that using Mango Haze cannabis not only gives them a nice shot of happiness but also leaves them feeling more talkative and ready to mingle in social settings. If you are wanting to rid yourself of negative or racing thoughts or feelings and replace them with a sense of levity and vitality, Mango Haze should do the job. Its physical effects provide complete and utter relaxation and rarely result in feelings of lethargy or sleepiness. As such, you can take this when hanging out with friends one afternoon or evening without the fear that you’ll suddenly nod off mid-conversation.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Mango Haze cannabis? As a hybrid strain that has a reputation for being a spirit-booster that replaces negative thinking with positive thoughts, Mango Haze has the potential to help medical users find temporary relief from chronic stress and/or anxiety and mild cases of depression.  Mango Haze’s analgesic property gives it the ability to possibly aid those who suffer from chronic migraines and/or headaches, fatigue, and muscle spasms.  All in all, Mango Haze may serve patients as a non-chemical medicinal alternative for addressing both mental and physical health issues.   What does Mango Haze taste like? If you like the tropical taste of citrus and mango, you’re going to love Mango Haze, which is reputed as being one of the most delectable strains available. Along with its sweet citrus and mango flavors, this lovely hybrid, which does not sacrifice efficacy for flavor, has undertones of earthy haze. When combusted, Mango Haze’s smooth smoke has a sweet and hash-like taste on the exhale.   How do I grow Mango Haze cannabis seeds? Mango Haze is not the best option for novice growers as it definitely requires some previous experience as a cultivator. However, not only are all Growers Choice cannabis seeds feminized, but Mango Haze is resistant to a majority of molds and diseases. This hybrid strain can be grown in and outdoors, as well as in a greenhouse or hydroponic setup. Cultivated outside, Mango Haze will thrive in a semi-humid environment where daytime temperatures are between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Grown inside, Mango Haze should be nurtured under at least 600 watts lamps, and it will require pruning early on as it can grow to be quite tall.    What do Mango Haze cannabis plants look like? As a sativa-dominant hybrid, Mango Haze plants can reach up to 6 feet in height. It produces sizable, elongated buds that are shaped rather like a fox’s tail. Its forest and spring green leaves, which are also very sativa in structure, are loose and feathery and are interwoven with yellow and orange pistils. Completely covered in amber-tinted trichomes, Mango Haze’s nuggets can take on a rather golden-mango patina.   When to harvest your Mango Haze cannabis plant Mango Haze’s generous yield, amazing flavors, and incredible effects will make all the work you put into cultivating it worthwhile.  If you decide to grow Mango Haze indoors, then provided you are able to provide it with the right environment and lighting, as well as using your experience to properly tend to it, you can anticipate a good healthy yield of 550 grams per square meter in about 10-11.5 weeks. Cultivated outdoors, Mango Haze should be harvest-ready sometime between October and November with a hearty yield of around 650 grams per plant.   Cannabis strains similar to Mango Haze Skunk a relaxing indica-dominant hybrid that also shares Skunk #1 as a parent strain Haze XL a mood-boosting sativa-dominant hybrid that, like Mango Haze, claims Haze as a parent strain  Skunk Kush while different in effects from Mango Haze, this is another deeply relaxing indica-dominant hybrid that has Skunk #1 in its lineage Mango Kush for those who love the mango flavor but want a lower THC content CBD Critical Mango same great mango flavor but with a 1:1 CBD:THC ratio of 6% 


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