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Finally available in seed form, sativa-dominant Lucid Dream is loved by many for its energetic, elated, and mood-brightening effects.

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Wholesale Lucid Dream Feminized Seeds Viewed 390 times today. Purchased 58 times today. Purchased 302 times this week.   Up until recently, getting Lucid Dream cannabis seeds commercially was something of a nightmare, and essentially the only way to grow it yourself was to find and obtain a clipping. Fortunately, now you can get this dynamic sativa-dominant hybrid from Growers Choice. Lucid Dream is the resultant cross of powerhouse sativa parent strains American Haze and Blue Dream, and is loved by many for its energetic, elated, and mood-brightening effects.   What are the effects of Lucid Dream cannabis? Relaxed Creative Energetic Euphoria No, it’s not a figment of your imagination—Lucid Dream cannabis seeds really are commercially available now. Lucid Dream cannabis, which is 80% sativa, contains a whopping 24% THC and a very impressive 3% CBD. To say that this strain is profoundly potent seems like an understatement, as it definitely has the potential to not just overwhelm newbies but even some of the most veteran of users. As such, starting out conservatively is highly recommended. Within moments of using Lucid Dream, its clear-headed, euphoric effects hit, sending a jolt of reinvigorating energy to your system, allowing you to complete tasks more merrily and easily. This hyrbid’s lucid cerebral effects that, unless used in excess, don’t overpower, mean this is a great wake-and-bake strain. As your mind buzzes with creative thoughts and ideas and the mental clarity to turn them from the theoretical into reality, Lucid Dream’s indica side will begin to make itself more apparent as you find your body has released any tensions and is feeling significantly more relaxed and at ease. While this strain may have you feeling a bit dreamy and somewhat sedated, it doesn’t tend to result in couch lock unless you overdo it.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Lucid Dream cannabis? With its high THC content and exceptionally high CBD levels, Lucid Dream has the potential to temporarily wipe the torment of physical and mental pain from your body and mind. Its ability to massively improve one’s mood makes Lucid Dream useful for patients in need of stress or anxiety relief and a reprieve from depression-related symptoms. Furthermore, this strain is considered to be quite an effective and potent analgesic, which means it may help to alleviate chronic aches and pains, muscle tension, cramps, inflammation, arthritis, migraines, and headaches. Lucid Dream has also been known to address fatigue and nausea.    What does Lucid Dream taste like? One whiff of Lucid Dream and you’ll have a good sense of the berry-goodness you’re in for when trying this deliciously fruity strain. Tasting mainly of sweet luscious blueberries, Lucid Dream also has strong shocks of sweet lemon and a nice fruity aftertaste. When combusted, its smooth smoke leaves further traces of both blueberry and even a bit of earthiness lingering in your mouth.   How do I grow Lucid Dream cannabis seeds? Now that Lucid Dream is commercially available in seed form, whether you’re a novice or world-class cultivator, this is a strain with which success is nearly always found. Plus, all cannabis seeds from Growers Choice are feminized. Lucid Dream can be grown both inside and out, and outdoors it requires a semi-humid, Mediterranean-esque environment. The one important maintenance component to be mindful of when growing Lucid Dream is that it’s very sensitive to humidity and temperature levels. As such, it is recommended to employ the use of hygrometers so that you can easily monitor these levels. Whether you grow it in or outside, if you want to bring out its striking streaks of purple you’ll need to shock it by exposing it to nighttime temperatures that are 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit,cooler than their usual growing environment, just before Lucid Dream enters its flowering stage. It’s of extreme importance that you do not expose it to freezing temps.   What do Lucid Dream cannabis plants look like? Lucid Dream looks like something out of a beautiful dream with its mint- and olive-colored buds and prominent patches of rich purples. This tall-growing strain produces large, spade-shaped nuggets that are dense in structure—a trait common to indicas. Along with all of Lucid Dream’s shades of greens and purples, its buds are accentuated with wispy vibrant orange hairs and a frosting of white crystal trichomes that are reminiscent of grains of sugar.   When to harvest your Lucid Dream cannabis plant Lucid Dream is a pretty low-maintenance, solid-yielding hybrid strain that may require some topping if you’re growing it inside as it is quite a tall grower.  Cultivated indoors, you can anticipate a harvest of about 400 grams per square meter in as few as 8-9 weeks. When grown outdoors, Lucid Dream should produce a yield of around 450 grams per plant come October.   Cannabis strains similar to Lucid Dream American Haze this popular and energetic sativa-dominant hybrid is one of Lucid Dream’s parent strains Purple Elephant this indica-leaning hybrid has also only recently become available in seed form XXX OG another one where, until now, the only way to grow this strain was by tracking down a clipping  Charlie Sheen a most unusual and expectation-defying strain that, like Lucid Dream, has only recently become possible to obtain from seed Trinity the seeds for this sativa powerhouse used to be incredibly rare and hard to come by 


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