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To say that Kong is a knockout of a pure indica is more an understatement than a foray into the hyperbolic.

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Wholesale Lemon Thai Feminized Seeds Viewed 433 times today. Purchased 70 times today. Purchased 373 times this week.   For an upbeat, sativa-leaning hybrid, look no further than Lemon Thai cannabis seeds. This is a cheer-inducing strain that’s the resultant cross of a Thai landrace sativa and an unknown Hawaiian strain. Lemon Thai, which tastes as delicious as it sounds, refreshes, rejuvenates, inspires, and unwinds without sedating.   What are the effects of Lemon Thai cannabis? Energetic Focused Happy Uplifted Lemon Thai cannabis seeds mature into deliciously sweet and sour-tasting plants with a sativa-to-indica ratio of 60:40 and THC content of 21%. Sativa-leaning in its genetic makeup, Lemon Thai’s effects are predominantly sativa, which means that unless you exceed your tolerance or usual dosage it’s unlikely to leave you couch-locked or too lazy to move, though its indica side is strong enough to help release unwanted tension from the body so you’re able to go about your day or evening with greater ease. Lemon Thai is often described as being a “fun-loving” hybrid as it’s known for filling users with a sense of levity, lightness of being—both physically and mentally—and restorative energy. This happy strain provides relief for a mind burdened with worries and makes for an excellent way to come down from your day or enjoy a stress-free kind of afternoon.  Thanks to its incredible cerebral effects, some users like using Lemon Thai when hanging out with friends, while others prefer using it on their own as it tends to induce a meditative and introspective state that’s far from heavy or overwhelming. This energetic and uplifting hybrid also works to focus thoughts and sharpen the mind while simultaneously clearing the mind of chaotic thinking. As such, many an artistic type find Lemon Thai to be quite helpful when wanting to fully immerse into a creative endeavor.   What are the therapeutic benefits of Lemon Thai cannabis? Upbeat and whimsical, Lemon Thai has much to offer medical users in alleviating both mental and physical health issues and symptoms.  Lemon Thai, lauded for imbuing users with a sense of lightheartedness, has the potential to temporarily alleviate stress, depression, negative thinking, bipolar disorder-related issues, and chronic anxiety. Furthermore, its tendency to induce a greater ability to focus may be of use to those suffering from ADHD. In terms of one’s physical health, Lemon Thai has been known to help patients combat chronic aches and pains, chronic fatigue, arthritis, loss of appetite, and nausea—the latter two of which may be of great help to those undergoing chemotherapy or radiation.   What does Lemon Thai taste like? Not only does Lemon Thai fill a room with its sumptuous lemon scent, it fills the mouth with the most delightful flavor of lemon that’s both tart and sweet, minty lime, tea, and even hints of melon. Some say it reminds them of a refreshing, flavorful Thai dish, and others of a cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer’s day.    How do I grow Lemon Thai cannabis seeds? Lemon Thai, which is highly resistant to common molds and mildews, is an easy, low-maintenance strain to grow. Plus, all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized, which means the chances of ending up with male plants are low.  Lemon Thai can be grown both inside and out. When grown outdoors it needs a warm and sunny climate with low humidity and zero exposure to cold weather.  Because Lemon Thai plants grow to be quite tall, you’ll want to top and trim them consistently, especially if you’re growing them indoors.   What do Lemon Thai cannabis plants look like? Lemon Thai plants can grow to be over 6 feet tall and are quite leafy. Overall, Lemon Thai’s buds aren’t particularly attention-grabbing in that they are rather stereotypical of how one expects cannabis nuggets to look with dull green leaves layered in a dense coating of white trichomes, and thick, rust-colored pistils interwoven throughout.   When to harvest your Lemon Thai cannabis plant Grown indoors, this delicious sativa-leaning hybrid should begin to flower in 8-9 weeks with a hearty, average-sized yield of 400 grams per square meter.  If you’re able to cultivate this tall-growing strain outside, you’ll want to, as it produces a huge yield of about 800 grams per plant around mid-October.   Cannabis strains similar to Lemon Thai Diablo OG Kush this moderate strain that can calm a turbulent mind also has a 60:40 sativa/indica ratio Cinex an ideal strain to indulge in during the day that also has a 60:40 sativa/indica ratio Sour Tsunami a CBD-rich hybrid with 10% CBD, 7% THC, and a 60:40 sativa/indica ratio Lemon Skunk a high-yielding, award-winning, sativa-dominant hybrid that’s sure to delight fans of citrusy sativas Lemon Kush a wake-and-bake hybrid with a citric burst that’s also often compared to a refreshing glass of lemonade


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