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For all that is unknown about Lemon, all that is known makes it one worth learning more about via first-hand experience.

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Wholesale Lemon Feminized Seeds Viewed 495 times today. Purchased 80 times today. Purchased 503 times this week. If you look up this sativa-dominant hybrid strain online, you’re likely to see the words “niche” and “unknown” frequently appear in Lemon’s description.   Where does the Lemon cannabis strain come from? As such, not much is known about Lemon’s full lineage except that it first appeared in the Netherlands and is a cross between White Widow and a mysterious Widow hybrid strain. In fact, finding reputable testing data that confirms its THC level is not really possible because  Lemon is more frequently grown by at-home/personal growers vs. large distributors. This also means you’re more likely to find it at a cannabis seed bank than a dispensary.   How does Lemon cannabis make you feel? However, what is known is that Lemon is a subtle yet powerful and invigorating daytime sativa kind of high, and you’ll want to make sure you’ve got some good snacks for when the munchies hit. Users say its flavor is–not surprisingly–citrusy, and that it gives off a slightly skunky yet super fresh citrus scent.   How do I grow Lemon cannabis seeds? What is also known is that Lemon is very popular with at-home growers because of just how well it does both indoors and outdoors in pretty much any climate. Lemon is ready to harvest in as early as 6.5 weeks and as long as 10 weeks. Lemon can be grown indoors and outdoors, where indoors it might reach just over 2 feet (75 cm) yielding about 150 g per square meter, but outdoors it can yield about 250 g per plant growing to approximately 10 feet (3 m) tall!  When you harvest Lemon, you can expect spring green nuggets blanketed in a delicate frosty coating of trichomes that are a mix of being a bit dense but also piecey. For all that is unknown about Lemon, all that is known makes it a sativa worth learning more about via first-hand experience. 


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