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An energizing treat for the senses, Laughing Buddha marijuana is a moderately potent and pleasant strain that is easy in the garden and will imbue your thoughts with peace and happiness.

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Wholesale Laughing Buddha Feminized Seeds Viewed 494 times today. Purchased 58 times today. Purchased 546 times this week. As a practice, Buddhism teaches its students the tenets of peace and contentment. Laughing Buddha marijuana takes this one step further, imbuing your sense of reality with calming relief and happiness.  Predominantly Sativa with an 18% kick of THC (and a touch of CBD to boot), Laughing Buddha marijuana delivers a cerebral high and creative energy. Great for sharing in social settings, Laughing Buddha has some head-clearing properties that can be useful in treating depression and stress, and to a lesser extent, chronic pain, fatigue, and a lack of appetite.  Accompanied by the sweet and pungent aroma of herbs and fruit, Laughing Buddha marijuana seeds are resilient and known to thrive in most conditions, making it a strain suitable for even beginner gardeners. It’s important to note, however, it does take a little longer than most to be ready for harvest. After at least 10 weeks, your Laughing Buddha crop will be ready to reward your efforts with roughly 16 to 22 ounces of bud.  


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